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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "IvrWorxProposal" by borisu
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2010 11:47:14 GMT
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The "IvrWorxProposal" page has been changed by borisu.


  == Abstract ==
+ IvrWorx is a fiber (green thread) based messaging framework and lightweight SIP IVR application
built on top of it.
- IvrWorx is a :-
- 1. fiber based messaging framework based 
- 2. lightweight SIP IVR application built on top of it.
- IvrWorx strives to provide framework for easy creation of any message based application
by reducing asynchrnous programming. 
- IVR application and integration effort.
  == Proposal ==
- IvrWorx strives to provide framework for easy creation of any message based application
by reducing asynchronous programming effort. As an example lightweight SIP Ivr application
is provided to demosntrated pluggabilty od different protocols feature under one synchronous
+ IvrWorx strives to provide framework for easy creation of event-driven applications by reducing
an overhead of asynchronous programming. As an example lightweight SIP IVR application is
provided to demonstrate "pluggabilty" of different IMS protocols under synchronous API. currently
SIP/RTSP/MRCP are supported.
  == Background ==
- Telephony application is essentially high
+ IvrWorx was inspired by green thread based approach which can be seen in its strongest form
in Erlang programming language. Ivrworx tries to utilize the approach in  the framework of
C++ programming language, which is de-facto industry standard for soft real time development
on Windows(R) platform.
  == Rationale ==
- When you start using OSGi to build reusable components, the task of managing those components
and their use in various applications becomes non-trivial. Apache Ace allows you to group
those components and assign them to a managed set of targets. This allows you to distribute
updates and new components easily, while keeping a full history of what was installed where
during what period. It also helps you setup an automated development, QA/testing, staging
and production environment.
+ Telephony application are essentially highly parallel applications. Writing parallel applications
using OS threads is inherently difficult. Asynchronous programming multiplies it by factor
of million. Using fibers provides user with synchronous interface without opening too many
threads. Additionally user has control over rescheduling mechanism which makes infrastructure
more robust and scalable .
  == Initial Goals ==
@@ -31, +24 @@

   * Donate the existing codebase and import it.
   * Setup the incubation infrastructure (svn repository, build system, website) so we can
run continuous builds with automated tests and publish all available documentation.
   * Get people involved in advancing the code base in different directions, integrating it
with other projects at Apache.
-  * Prepare for an initial release that demonstrates the systems core capabilities.
-  * Present the project to the community at ApacheCon 2009 US.
  == Current Status ==
- The current codebase is developed and tested. It was developed at luminis over the last
couple of years using Scrum, so we have internally demonstrated we can release often and produce
working code using a transparent process. Documentation for the project is now available on
an internal wiki, which can be donated and converted to the Apache Ace website. We did not
yet use mailing lists as the primary colaborative process, as the whole team met face to face
on a daily basis.
+ The current codebase is developed and tested. 
  == Meritocracy ==
@@ -44, +35 @@

  == Community ==
- In the past, luminis has been talking to various interested users and developers about Apache
Ace, and we believe there is an interest in this project. Feedback at ApacheCon EU 2009 and
afterwards on the Apache Felix mailing list confirmed that. The problem that is being solved
is one that many software developers run into, so it should appeal to them. Our list of initial
committers already includes people from different backgrounds.
+ N/A
  == Core Developers ==
@@ -56, +47 @@

  == Known Risks ==
+ N/A.
- Apache Ace uses Felix as its default OSGi implementation and some of its developers are
also part of the Felix community. We are open to collaborate with other Apache projects, looking
at candidates such as Commons, Sling, JackRabbit that could help us in certain parts of our
- An important reason for open sourcing this project at Apache is the strong community, as
well as the Apache license. This will attract more users and developers so the project can
be moved forward into new directions that we would otherwise not have been possible. Judging
from the initial interest from some of the other projects at Apache, we certainly see ways
in which to collaborate and advance the project, possibly in ways we would never have thought
of. However, we have been able to support and develop this product outside of Apache quite
well, so in no way are we trying to just dump the code there or merely trying to generate
  == Initial Source ==
- Apache Ace has been in development within luminis since 2005.
+ Ivrworx was developped as a part of altalena google project.
  == Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
- The current codebase is owned by Boris Ouretskey under GPLV3 license, and will be donated
together with its documentation. We will get the paperwork out of the way as soon as possible.
There should already be a CCLA on file for luminis and the people that are already involved
with Apache obviously have ICLAs on file.
+ The current codebase is owned by Boris Ouretskey under GPLV3 license, and will be donated
together with its documentation. 
  == External Dependencies ==
  There are quite a few open source libraries already used. The libraries, their sources and
licenses are listed here:
- IvrWorx is strongly dependent on  which powers all message based framework. 
+ Strong core dependency on:-
- Strong core dependency on 
-  * KentCSP++
+  * Kent CSP++ V2
  Weak dependency on 
-  * lua
-  * json spirit
+  * lua (may be replaced by any other embeddable scripting language)
+  * json spirit (used to read configuration)
  Pluggable dependency on 

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