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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "November2009" by GregBrown
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 17:46:32 GMT
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The "November2009" page has been changed by GregBrown.


  = Pivot =
- (project add text here)
+ Pivot is an open-source platform for building rich internet applications in Java. It has
been in incubation since January 2009.
+ Pivot 1.3 was released in September. Major features in this version included:
+  * New File``Browser component - Pivot now includes out-of-the-box support for navigating
the local filesystem.
+  * New Flow``Pane component - though Pivot previously included a Flow``Pane container for
laying out components in a horizontal line, the previous version did not support wrapping
(the former Flow``Pane class is now called Box``Pane).
+  * Enhanced scripting support - script code (written in any JVM-compatible scripting language)
can now be embedded directly within a WTKX document (previously, it had to be stored in an
external file), and event handlers are now much easier to define in WTKX.
+  * Platform support for context menus and menu bars - While these components were available
in previous releases, they are significantly easier to work with in Pivot 1.3.
+  * New card pane transitions - Card``Pane now supports a number of selection change transitions,
allowing developers to easily add visual interest to an application. 
+  * Support for bounded preferred sizes - callers can now specify minimum and maximum values
for preferred width and height, ensuring that a component does not grow or shrink beyond a
certain size.
+  * Support for resource inheritance - Resource instances can now define parent resources,
inheriting resource properties and optionally overriding values set by the parent instance.
+  * A new logo, created by new contributor Thien Luh.
+ A new Pivot tutorial was published on IBM developerWorks:
+  *
+ The team is actively working on version 1.4, tentatively scheduled for release in January.
Major improvements in Pivot 1.4 include:
+  * Complete Text``Area component.
+  * Support for baseline alignments.
+  * New Color``Chooser component.
+  * Hit detection for drawing primitives.
+  * Support for declaring event handlers in WTKX attributes.
+  * Improved support for automated testing.
+  * Complete documentation for all features.
+ Top 3 issues prior to graduation:
+ The Incubator PMC voted on a graduation proposal in September. The proposal technically
passed, but only by a very slim margin. As a result, Pivot PMC elected to cancel the vote
and focus on the issues raised by those who voted -1, in hopes that a more unanimous approval
might be obtained later. 
+ The primary concern was that the project had not yet established sufficient community and
was still largely driven by two of the initial committers. Since that time, there has been
a significant increase in activity from the other committers, and the project has received
several patches from outside contributors. One such patch, an improvement to table column
resizing, was committed to the platform. The developer responsible for the patch demonstrated
very strong knowledge of the platform and would be considered for addition as a committer
should the quality of his code submissions continue to be high.
+ The team hopes to present a renewed graduation proposal early next year, to coincide with
the release of Pivot 1.4.
  Signed off by mentor:

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