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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "LibcloudProposal" by PaulQuerna
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 06:38:34 GMT
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The "LibcloudProposal" page has been changed by PaulQuerna.
The comment on this change is: initial committers list, dependencies.


  Currently libcloud has several contributors, but not a large user community other than a
few companies.  We would like to increase our userbase as part of the incubator process.
  == Core Developers ==
- TODO: Figure out initial committers list
+ Alex Polvi who wrote most of the original code is familiar with open source from working
at OSUOSL and at Mozilla. Tom Davis drove much of the re factoring of the initial code base.
Jed Smith, Ivan Meredith, Jeremy Orem, jcsalterego and Paul Querna (ASF member) have all contributed
mainly to developing provider specific drivers.
  == Alignment ==
  Currently there are not many Apache communities involved with cloud computing or python
based infrastructure.  We believe introducing such a community is a good thing for the Apache
Software Foundation.
@@ -53, +54 @@

  Much of the initial development was done by Cloudkick, but much of the core design was re-factored
by the community, and many of the drivers for each provider have been contributed by 3rd parties.
  === Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
- Most of the developers are paid by their employer to work on libcloud at this time. 
+ The majority, but not all, of the developers are paid by their employer to work on libcloud
at this time. 
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
  Libcloud doesn't share many attributes with existing Apache projects due to it being in
Python and addressing a new need.
  === A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
- TOOD: no.
+ Libcloud project seeks to build a last community around cloud API interoperability, and
is not fascinated with any short term gains of being associated with the Apache Brand.
  == Documentation ==
  TODO: links to related material on Cloud APIs/interop (?)
@@ -68, +69 @@

  Initial source is contained completely inside the libcloud github repository.
  == External Dependencies ==
- Only core Python libraries are used at this time.
+  * [[|zope.interface]]
  == Cryptography ==
  Uses standard Python APIs for SSL/HTTPS.
@@ -86, +87 @@

   * JIRA (LCLD)
  == Initial Committers ==
- TODO: Figure out this list. Should be obvious from GitHub ACLs
+ (Alphabetical, DRAFT LIST)
+  * Alex Polvi <alex>
+  * Dan Di Spaltro <dan.dispaltro>
+  * Ivan Meredith <ivan>
+  * Jed Smith <jsmith>
+  * Jeremy Orem <jeremy.orem>
+  * jcsalterego <github>
+  * Paul Querna <pquerna>
+  * Tom Davis <tom>
  == Sponsors ==
  === Champion ===

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