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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "OpenmeetingsProposal" by AlexeiFedotov
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 11:05:06 GMT
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The "OpenmeetingsProposal" page has been changed by AlexeiFedotov.


New page:

= Abstract =
Openmeetings is a web conferencing solution.

= Proposal =
Openmeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document
editing and other groupware tools, on the top of Red5 media server.

== Background ==
Openmeetings was developed for two years by Sebastian Wagner and willing developers. The project
ships a release approximately once per quarter. It was developed using LGPL license, and developers
are currently thinking of re-licensing it under Apache License 2.0.

=== Rationale ===

Reviewing releases for compliance with Apache technical criteria and policies is time consuming.
The Incubator requires that all releases are reviewed. Though small mistakes are common, this
process typically adds only a little value. It is common for candidates to be presented with
small but significant defects which then must be fixed and the candidate represented. Significant
energy and good will is wasted by this process.

This is unnecessary. Given effort, these technical criteria are capable of automation.

Automated continuous checking of the source would allow the Incubator PMC to be alerted promptly
to potential issues. Integration with build tools (such as Apache Ant and Apache Maven) would
allow releases to be checked automatically and continuously.

== Initial Goals ==
Each of project committers has their own set of goals, but we all share the following.
 * Move to Apache.
 * Become popular.

To become popular we plan to do the following.
 * Improve ecosystem around the project.
 * Improve release process.
 * Improve project testing and stability.
 * Apply modular architecture/SOA for better integration with other projects.

== Current Status ==
Discussing move into Apache.

=== Meritocracy ===
Currently developers are happy about project atmosphere, and most decisions are made by consensus.
If there will be more developers on board, consensus may turn into meritocracy.

=== Community ===
The developer community is pretty small, but active. We generate a dozen letters per day,
mostly answering user questions.

=== Core Developers ===
Sebastian has started the application two years ago. Since then more than ten programmers
from Germany, Russia, China, India and South America has joind development.

=== Alignment ===
The project provides a safe ground for Apache for entering a complex field of video streaming.
It avoids complex patenting issues by using proprietary Adobe Flash. From the other side it
may grow into independent solution because it uses OpenLaszlo RIA framework rather than a
particular proprietary vendor language, and after framework evolves can use other backend
representations such as javascript. 

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned Projects ===
Openmeetings project has developed a sufficient functionality to be a popular solution for
a small businesses. The number of site visits increased from 10,000 to 20,000 in October which
is a good sign of people interest. We believe that visitors convert to users, and users convert
to developers in a some standard rate.

=== Inexperience With Open Source ===
Two committers have GSoC experience. One committer is an Apache committer. The project exists
for two years already as an open source project.

=== Reliance On Salaried Developers ===
Telecom Express pays to Rodion for working on Openmeetings. Other contributors from that company
work for the project in their spare time.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
Web application part of Openmeetings runs under Apache Tomcat or Apache Jetty. It uses Apache
Commons. Red5 server uses a lot of Apache components, including Apache Mina.

== Initial Source ==

=== External Dependencies ===
Adobe Flash
Open source projects compliant with current Apache policy.

=== Cryptography ===
Required to check signatures.

= Required Resources =
Mailing lists: 
  * openmeetings-private
  * openmeetings-users
  * openmeetings-dev 
  * openmeetings-commits

Subversion Directory:


Other Resources: Continuous integration may eventually required hardware

== Initial Committers ==
 * Sebastian Wagner <seba.wagner at>
 * Smoeker <o.becherer at>
 * Rodion Volkov <volkov.rodion at>
 * Alexei Fedotov <aaf at>

If any other existing Apache or Openmeetings committers would like to be grandfathered into
the list then feel free to ask.

= Sponsors =

Volunteers, please. 

== Champion ==

Volunteers, please. 

=== Mentors ===

Volunteers, please. 

 * Alexei Fedotov <aaf @>

=== Sponsoring Entity ===

We would like to ask the Incubator PMC to sponsor Openmeetings. 

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