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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "August2009" by AbuObeida
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 20:10:48 GMT
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The following page has been changed by AbuObeida:

  = Stonehenge =
+ August Report:
+ Stonehenge has been incubating since December 2008. Stonehenge a set of example applications
for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best
practices and interoperability by using currently defined W3C OASIS standard protocols.
+ Since the last report in April, the Stonehenge project has gained tremendous sustained momentum
over releasing Milestone 1 (M1) and starting Milestone 2 (M2). The community has gone through
many discussions defining and refining features for the .NET StockTrader, Axis2/Java StockTrader,
WSF/PHP StockTrader, and the new Glassfish/Metro based StockTrader from SUN. Two of them were
demonstrated in the Microsoft Keynote at JavaOne.  
+ A detailed update:
+ Admin: The community has gone through a release iteration, learning the various Apache guidelines
for managing a release. After 3 iterations of review by the incubator-general list, M1 released
on June 4th.
+ Community: About 8 new developers have joined, three of them have been nominated to and
granted committer status based on a community vote. Their contributions have been instrumental
in advancing M1 and M2. In the last couple of weeks various graduate students from University
of Pennsylvania joined the community and are exploring ways to contribute to the Java stacks.
+ M1: The community has identified and resolved 34 JIRA issues towards the first release.
The M1 release was accompanied by detailed documentation allowing any external developer to
download and configure the various implementations of the StockTrader application, and demonstrate
interoperability between the various platforms. The Stonehenge project was well received at
JavaOne and had positive mentions in the press. The Glassfish/Metro based Stocktrader was
contributed towards the end of M1. It is currently being moved to trunk in M2.
+ M2: An extensive discussion ensued about the various security feature and scenarios to implement
as an extension for the StockTrader applications. The community identified which features
of the various security web services specs implemented by each platform can be used in M2.
An overall spec was approved on the list by the respective members of each platform. Currently
there are 17 JIRA issues marked as M2.
+ Graduation map:
+ 1- M1 release: done
+ 2- M2: IN the April report, M2 was described as "Another iteration of improvements for StockTrader
would constitute the second release (M2)". M2 now is clearly defined as extending security
features in StockTrader, development is well on track for a release in Sept.
+ 3- M3: In the April report, M3 was described as "A third release would be either adding
more interop functionality to StockTrader, or implementing a new sample application".  M3
is not discussed yet, however with the momentum we have we might prefer to execute it after
+ Given the M1 and M2 momentum, we believe we are very close to graduation requirements. The
only issues left before graduation is completing M2, along with the needed documentation to
demonstrate interoperability between the stacks.
+ [1] 
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