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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "TrafficServerProposal" by LeifHedstrom
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 02:50:04 GMT
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The following page has been changed by LeifHedstrom:

New page:

== Abstract ==
Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server.

== Proposal ==
The goal is to create an Apache top level project around the existing Traffic Server project.
Traffic Server (TS for short) is an existing piece of software developed by Yahoo!, which
is used to deliver significant amount of HTTP traffic to millions of users.

Key Features:
 * Full HTTP/1.1 proxy server
 * Scalable on SMP (TS is a hybrid thread + event processor)
 * Extensible; TS has a feature rich plugin API
 * Fast.

== Background ==
Traffic Server is a piece of software initially acquired by Yahoo! from Inktomi. The software
has been actively developed and used at Yahoo for the last three years, and we're now getting
ready to OpenSource this project.

== Rationale ==
Open Sourcing Traffic Server is an important step for us to move this software to the next
level. We believe that building an active developer community will allow us to improve and
extend the server far beyond anything we can do in a closed source environment.

== Initial goals ==

== Current Status ==

== Meritocracy ==

== Community ==

== Core Developers ==
 * Leif Hedstrom <leif at>
 * Bryan Call <bcall at>
 * Vijay Mamidi <vmamidi at>
 * Steve Jiang <sjiang at>
 * Dima Ruban 

== Alignment ==

== Known Risks ==

== Orphaned Products ==
Traffic Server is widely used and deployed inside of Yahoo. It's not going away anytime soon,
in fact, it's growing fast

== Inexperience with Open Source ==
Most participants are active users and contributors to open source. Leif is a committer at
Mozilla (although, no longer active).

== Homogeneous Developers ==

== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==

== An excessive fascination with the Apache brand ==
Our decision to apply to the ASF is simple - Y! has already contributed several projects to
the ASF, and it's convenient and appropriate for us to stick to one Open Source organization
for these efforts.

== Documentation ==
TS comes with both an Administration Guide, and a Developer Guide. Work will begin soon to
clean this documentation, and the hope is to move it to our podling web site once activated.

== Initial Source ==
All code is currently in-house at Yahoo, and we're working on getting it cleaned up and cleared
to be uploaded to the Apache SVN servers.

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
All TS code is fully owned by Yahoo! Inc, and we're finalizing all the legal paperwork around
releasing it as Open Source, under the Apache license. We've hired an external entity to do
full code review of all source files, to assure it's not tainted.

== External Dependencies ==

== Cryptography ==
Traffic Server uses OpenSSL to implement HTTPS support. There is no other cryptographic code
in the source tree.

== Required Resources ==

=== Mailing lists ===
 * trafficserver-private (with moderated subscriptions)
 * trafficserver-dev
 * trafficserver-commits
 * trafficserver-user 

=== Subversion Directory ===

=== Issue Tracking ===
Bugzilla: Traffic Server

== Initial Committers ==
 * Leif Hedstrom <leif at>
 * Bryan Call <bcall at>
 * Vijay Mamidi <vmamidi at>
 * Steve Jiang <sjiang at>
 * Dima Ruban

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===
Doug Cutting

=== Nominated Mentors ===

=== Sponsoring Entity ===

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