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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "January2009" by EmmanuelLecharny
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 17:20:36 GMT
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Included the report in the wiki

  = JSecurity =
- Located [
+ 2009-January JSecurity Incubator status report
+ JSecurity is a powerful and flexible open-source Java security framework
+ that cleanly handles authentication, authorization, enterprise session
+ management and cryptography.
+ JSecurity has been incubating since June 2008.
+ At the end of November, the JSecurity team released a final
+ external (non-Apache) release: 0.9.0 final.  All modifications
+ after the release were made under the assumption that the next
+ release will be an Apache incubating release.
+ After the November final release, there has been lengthy discussion
+ for the month and half following about JSecurity's name and whether
+ or not it should be changed to something else.  3 mentors voted in favor
+ of chainging the name to something else, 1 voted against, and 1 abstained.
+ Those voting in favor cited concerns of a few external
+ (3rd party) products that might cause a name conflict.  Concensus was
+ not reached, resulting in the vote.  However, it is considered
+ still an open issue with continued discussion as other IPMC members
+ are contributing to the discussion.
+ More recently, the team has debated about how the source tree
+ should be configured to allow easy modular builds and to clearly
+ delineate the differnece of jsecurity core versus web support and
+ 3rd party support.  The team came to concensus about an initial
+ directory organization and the ant build files were modified to
+ reflect the new structure.  It was also discussed that two build
+ systems, both Ant+Ivy and Maven, could be used to build the framework,
+ allowing the one building to choose based on their preference.
+ Infrastructure migration (noted in our STATUS file) is almost
+ complete - all that needs to be done is migration of the
+ website into our incubator snapshot.  A volunteer is currently
+ in the process of enabling the existing JSecurity theme in the ASF's
+ Confluence export mechanism.
+ Low-hanging fruit to be cleared hopefully by the next board report is
+ all IP clearance:  the Copyright & Licensing and Distribution Rights
+ sections of the STATUS file should be able to be completed in their
+ entirety.
+ The biggest exit criteria remaining is Team Collaboration.  Although
+ the team is satisfying all collaboration directives and has a good
+ community, we need to attract new committers.  Hopefully that will be
+ a significant difference in the upcoming months and throughout 2009.
+ Finally, one of our mentors, Alex Karasulu, had to step down and remove
+ himself as a mentor, citing busy schedules and not enough time to
+ dedicate (  We are
+ very grateful for the time he was able to contribute!
+ The project team is not considering graduation at this point,
+ as the code is not ready for an Apache release. Once IP clearance is
+ complete, we'll attempt our first incubator release.
+ The status is being maintained at
  = JSPWiki =

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