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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "CaitrinProposal" by RolandWeber
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 10:05:17 GMT
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The following page has been changed by RolandWeber:

The comment on the change is:
reworked the list of codebases in "Current Status"

  == Current Status ==
- There are 4 code bases that will be available to draw from when starting the project.  Currently,
due to a 
- drastic change in architecture, we are at the very beginning of the project.
- The code bases are as follows:
+ Responses to the initial proposal uncovered several existing efforts at implementing photo
gallery software in Java. Instead of picking one codebase over the others, we started from
scratch with a high-level design. Pieces will be taken from the existing efforts as appropriate.
These efforts are:
+  * Caitrin: Originally developed for a fee at Nechtan Design then voluntarily updated. The
code is in use on a test site and ready to be moved to production. It runs on Tomcat and uses
a relational DB for
+  storing metadata as well as the filesystem for storing images. This codebase was at the
core of the initial proposal for this podling. 
- Codebase 1
- ----
- Originally developed for a fee at Nechtan Design then voluntarily updated.[[BR]]
- Code is in use on a test site and ready to be moved to production.[[BR]]
- Technologies: Java, Tomcat, relational DB backend, integration with Roller suggested but
currently no dependency[[BR]]
+  * Noel Bergman developed a photo gallery software he is willing to donate. The software
is in production use, technical details remain to be investigated.
- Codebase 2
- ----
- Developed by Noel Bergman.[[BR]]
- Code in production use.[[BR]]
- No technical details.[[BR]]
+  * Carsten Ziegeler is working on a photo gallery software based on Apache Sling (currently
incubating), which uses a JCR backend for storage. This codebase is destined as a contribution
to Apache Sling.
- Codebase 3
- ----
- Developed by Carsten Ziegeler.[[BR]]
- Code not ready to be shared yet.[[BR]]
- Technologies: Sling frontend, JCR backend.[[BR]]
+  * Luciano Resende is working on a photo gallery sample for Apache Tuscany SCA, using a
filesystem storage backend. This codebase is already at Apache, see
- Codebase 4
- ----
- Developed by Luciano Resende.[[BR]]
- Prototype available.[[BR]]
- Technologies: Tuscany front end, file-based backend.[[BR]]
  == Meritocracy ==
  The Caitrin project will demonstrate the best in meritocracy.  Due to the fact that the
project is in its infancy and only a small community exists, the community that grows to surround
it as it grows within the ASF will all adhere to the fundamentals of meritocracy.  Every person
who is currently part of the community has code that they have developed yet are willing to
rewrite for the good of the project.

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