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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "JSecurityProposal" by LesHazlewood
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 19:46:12 GMT
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The following page has been changed by LesHazlewood:

  Essentially any Apache project that utilizes log-ins, access control, time-based Session
access (in both web and non web environments), or cryptography would find JSecurity beneficial.
- == 0.2 Warning Signs ==
+ === 0.2 Warning Signs ===
- === Orphaned products ===
+ ==== Orphaned products ====
  JSecurity is already a 3+ year old open-source project with a long history and currently
in use in many open-source and commercial software products. The interest from the respective
communities that use JSecurity (, et. al.) have continuously grown over the last
few years, with very heavy growth in the last 6 months.  It is expected that this community
growth will only increase with the adoption of the ASF, and the commercial products that use
JSecurity will continue to encourage and ensure its longevity.
- === Inexperience with open source ===
+ ==== Inexperience with open source ====
  The current committers have varying degrees of experience contributing and/or committing
to open source
  projects, including Spring (, Hibernate (,
Grails (, and others.  All have been involved with source code that
has been released under
  an open source license using an open source development process to varying degrees. All
current committers are comfortable with normal meritocracy rules, as that is how the development
team informally operates now. We do not in any way expect any difficulty in executing under
normal ASF meritocracy rules.
- === Homogenous developers ===
+ ==== Homogenous developers ====
  All 5 current JSecurity committers works for different companies, with no overlap.  They
live in different parts of the world, in the United States and Europe.
- === Reliance on salaried developers ===
+ ==== Reliance on salaried developers ====
  The current committers are not compensated by their employers to contribute to the project.
 One committer works for G2One (, the company behind the Apache 2.0
open-source Grails platform and ''may'' contribute to the project on company time.  Any such
contributions are provided with full knowledge and support of the company, with a valid CCLA
on file.
- === No ties to other Apache products ===
+ ==== No ties to other Apache products ====
  Currently JSecurity has a required dependency on Apache Commons Logging, with an optional
dependency on Apache Commons BeanUtils Core.  
  Also based on the above ''Alignment'' section, JSecurity could very quickly become a part
of many other ASF projects, ensuring a successful future within the ASF.
- === A fascination with the Apache brand ===
+ ==== A fascination with the Apache brand ====
  JSecurity started outside of the ASF under the LGPL license.  The development team voted
unanimously to switch to the Apache 2.0 license to foster a more open community, provide flexible
options for commercial deployment, and also to be eligible as an ASF project.
@@ -147, +147 @@

  == 5. Identify apache sponsoring individual ==
- We kindly request the Apache Incubator PMC to accept sponsorship for this project.
+ We kindly request the Apache Incubator PMC to be the sponsor for this project.
  === Champion ===
   * Alan D. Cabrera

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