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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "JSecurityProposal" by LesHazlewood
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 17:26:18 GMT
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The following page has been changed by LesHazlewood:

- This proposal seeks to create a project within the Apache Software
- Foundation to continue the development and advancement of JSecurity 
- technology. It has broad backing from the JSecurity Community. 
- Thank you for your consideration.
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  '''JSecurity Proposal'''
- ''Proposal for new project JSecurity''
+ Project Name: JSecurity
+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
+ == Proposal ==
+ This proposal seeks to create an Apache Software Foundation top-level 
+ project to continue the development and advancement of the JSecurity
+ open-source framework. It has broad backing from the JSecurity Community.
+ We thank you for your consideration. 
+ Key Features & Goals:
+  * The simplest and easiest to understand Java Security API possible. 
+  * Authentication (log-in) across one or more pluggable ''Realms'' (JDBC, LDAP, etc), providing
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)  functionality.
+  * Authorization (access control) via one or more of said Realms.
+  * Dynamic security model support allowing users, roles, and permissions to be changed and
assigned dynamically at runtime.
+  * Dynamic Instance-level access control - the ability to secure individual instances (files,
objects, users, etc) at runtime.
+  * POJO-based Enterprise Session Management - access to clusterable/distributed/federated
user sessions in web ''or non-web'' environments via the same API.
+  * Heterogeneous client session access - access shared session state across client mediums
(web MVC, Swing, Flash, etc).
+  * Simple SSO (Single Sign-On) support.
+  * Simple Cryptography API.
  == (0) rationale ==
- ''FILL ME IN''
+ The current JSecurity community ( fosters a positive environment
of contribution, feedback and supporting fellow members.  Although already an open-source
project for the last 3+ years, the project as of late has grown quite substantially over the
last six months especially, and it is our desire to see JSecurity be adopted by the Apache
Software Foundation to continue these efforts.  We feel the ASF community will enable the
JSecurity project to reach higher adoption rates with better community support beyond what
we are able to accomplish ourselves.  
+ Futhermore, a significant number of Apache projects today could find much benefit in JSecurity,
as there is not currently anything in the ASF that addresses its feature set as single unified
project.  We feel that helping other Apache projects would create a symbiotic relationship
beneficial to the existing JSecurity community as well as the ASF.
  == (0.1) criteria ==

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