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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "CaitrinProposal" by acymbalak
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 15:24:12 GMT
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The following page has been changed by acymbalak:

  == Background ==
  Caitrin was initially developed to meet the need for a photo gallery during a project at
Nechtan Design.  There was not an open source answer to the need for a photo gallery that
was written in Java so we took the initiative to write one.
  == Rationale ==
- This type of application does not currently exist in the open source world.  There have
also been suggestions to add this functionality into the Roller project for each of its individual
blogs. Although I have not been a part of the discussions in adding this to Roller, I believe
that the project is bigger than just adding it to that project.  There are many other uses
for a photo gallery application that are not currently being fulfilled due to a lack of the
applications existence.
+ "A picture tells a thousand words..."
+ If a picture tells a thousand words then a gallery of pictures tells an amazing story. 
It could tell this story as part of a larger web site, in a blog or on its own.  Unfortunately,
there exists no Java open source application to assist the community to tell this story. 
Caitrin will change that.
+ There are many photo galleries that are written in PHP.  Each of these addresses a particular
need and many work well for their intended purpose.  However, there is not a photo gallery
that is written in Java.  As Web 2.0 continues to grow it only makes sense that the community
provide not only PHP but also Java applications to allow everyone the ability to publish their
own content.  Apache started down this road with Roller and can continue with Caitrin.
  == Initial Goals ==
- *Complete the batch upload portion of the code.
+  *Complete the batch upload portion of the code.
- *Provide ways to integrate the application with Roller.
+  *Provide ways to integrate the application with Roller.
+  *Complete the private vs. public portion of the code.
  == Current Status ==
  The initial code base is completed and being used.
  == Meritocracy ==
+ The Caitrin project will demonstrate the best in meritocracy.  Due to the fact that the
code is in its infancy and no community currently exists, the community that grows to surround
it as it grows within the ASF will all adhere to the fundamentals of meritocracy.
  == Community ==
  At this time Caitrin has not been released as an open source project and therefore does
not have a community surrounding it.  However, I firmly believe that I community of developers
exists for this type of project.
  == Core Developers ==
@@ -29, +35 @@

  === Orphaned Projects ===
  === Inexperience with Open Source ===
  === Homogeneous Developers ===
+ There is no community but there is a commitment to develop a community.  As part of that
commitment I recognize that have a diverse community is essential.  The exchange of ideas
is much better for everyone when those ideas of different.
  === Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
  The initial code base was not developed by salaried developers.  It was developed to meet
a need that was not being fulfilled by other open source applications.
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
- The current Caitrin code utilizes code from the Commons project and is designed to run within
+ The current Caitrin code utilizes code from the Commons project and is designed to run within
+ I believe, as stated in the rationale, that this is a perfect fit with the Roller project.
 It also would be interesting to allow the option of utilizing Apache Directory or the built
in user management tool.  It could also be integrated with Lenya to allow site owners to publish
a photo gallery as well.
  === A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
+ I chose the Apache Foundation to bring this code to not because of the Apache brand but
the Apache community.  The Apache community has shown themselves to be invested in the code
that they are writing because they enjoy the act of developing a quality product that can
be easily used by others.  They rely on collective knowledge instead of the knowledge of the
individual and are willing to share that knowledge with others.  I have used many of the Apache
products in the past and felt that this application would grow well under the guidance, leadership
and structure of the Apache community and the ASF.
  == Documentation ==
  No documentation currently exists.
  == Initial Source ==

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