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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "DavosProposal" by KelvinGoodson
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:47:16 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KelvinGoodson:

New page:
= Draft Proposal for Davos =

This proposal will be updated shortly in the light of discussions in Apache Tuscany, in particular
in the vote at []

== Proposal ==
To be updated --(Davos will provide the code base for the Reference Implementation (RI) and
Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for Service Data Objects as specified by JSR 235 and future
enhancements of that JSR.)--
== Rationale ==
To be updated --(The Java Community Process is developing a specification for Service Data
Objects for Java, as JSR-235, along with the Reference Implementation (RI) and the Technology
Compatibility Kit (TCK), with IBM and BEA as the specification co-leads. This proposal request
is for establishing a neutral podling around JSR 235, and future enhancements of this JSR,
in Apache where it can attract additional committers from the community (users and developers)
and from the various JSR-235 expert group companies. Development of the code base for the
RI and TCK for JSR 235 will occur in this project. BEA has code that would like to donate
as the seed for the RI. IBM has code that would like to donate as the seed for the TCK. This
RI will become a useful package for other Apache projects wishing to incorporate JSR 235 or
anyone wanting to use the TCK to validate their own implementation of this JSR.
We are not certain of the destination PMC at the current time. We believe that the emerging
Apache community will decide once the choices become more clear. As such, we are requesting
that the incubator PMC accept the podling and support it as an incubator project.)--

== Initial Goals ==
Implement the SDO specification resulting from JSR 235, providing the code base for a reference
implementation and Technology Compliance Kit for that JSR.

== Current Status ==

=== Meritocracy ===
We plan to do everything possible to encourage an environment that supports a meritocracy.
The proposers have significant experience and track record of encouraging community participation.
=== Community ===
The JSR Expert Group is in the process of formation, and already contains a significant proportion
of individuals experienced with working in open source, and in particular within Apache. We
will endeavor to ensure that all who come to the project are helped to understand the Apache

=== Initial Developers ===
The initial developers are a small set of experienced open source developers and contributors,
including 3 Apache Committers: Cezar Andrei, Radu Preotiuc-Pietro, Kelvin Goodson. David Adcox
and Wing Yew Poon are experienced contributors to Apache.

=== Alignment ===
The existing code has a dependency on XMLBeans. There is scope for future integration within
web services related projects such as Axis and Geronimo.

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned products ===
The contributors are leading vendors in this space. There is no risk of any of the usual warning
signs of orphaned or abandoned code.
=== Inexperience with open source ===
Many of the committers have experience working in open source projects and several have significant
experience at Apache.
=== Homogenous developers ===
The small set of five initial developers are employed by two employers. However, with our
stated intention of doing all we can to promote a meritocracy and we expect that those who
are interested in JSR235 will join the project and help to create a more diverse, active community.
=== Reliance on salaried developers ===
The initial set of developers are salaried to work in this area. However, we expect that this
effort to create the RI and TCK for JSR 235 will attract users and members of the JSR expert
group to help create a strong and diverse community. .
=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
Apache Tuscany addresses a wider, multi-language aspect of SDO. Until now Tuscany has been
focused on implementing the SDO 2.1 specification from OSOA in multiple languages and with
an eye to early community input and prototyping of features which may be targeted to the future
multi-language SDO specification being developed at OASIS. Also, the larger picture of the
Tuscany project includes more than SDO. Tuscany is focused on providing a complete SOA solution
(i.e., service composition using SCA), where SDO is only one of many possible data binding
technologies that can be used. An important goal of Tuscany is to support many different such
binding technologies and implementations - this includes multiple versions and even implementations
of SDO. The Davos incubator project will provide an environment where developers can focus
on the implementation of the JSR specified interface itself. Apache Tuscany's SDO Java implementation
is not seen as a risk for this proposal, and th
 e communities will be at liberty to explore the scope for cooperation and collaboration in
the future.

=== An excessive fascination with the Apache brand ===
Apache seems like a natural and neutral home for this activity and was chosen because of the
people involved and the emphasis on collaboration. However, SDO has significant existing cross
industry support and the backing of the JCP. We foresee the prospect of this project liaising
with other apache projects such as Geronimo, Axis2 and Tuscany in the future.
== Documentation ==
The JSR 235 home page is here ….
== Initial Source ==
The initial reference implementation code base is a donation from BEA Systems. The test suite
for the TCK is a donation from IBM.
== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
The two submissions can be made independently, and the fact that the implementation and test
suite are guided by a specification means the submission process is uncomplicated.
== External Dependencies ==
XMLBeans, Stax and Ant - all are under Apache compatible licenses.
== Cryptography ==
Not applicable
== Required Resources ==

=== mailing list(s) ===
davos-pmc for private PMC discussions (with moderated subscriptions)

=== Subversion repositories ===
=== Issue Tracking ===
JIRA Davos
== Initial Committers ==
Cezar Andrei, Radu Preotiuc-Pietro and Wing Yew from BEA
Kelvin Goodson and David Adcox from IBM

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===
Ant Elder
=== Nominated Mentors ===
(Request input from apache community)
=== Sponsoring Entity ===
The Apache Incubator

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