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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "BennuProposal/BennuFaq" by DanielSHaischt
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2007 18:54:36 GMT
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added additional FAQ items

  '''A:''' No, not exactly. Bennu is providing an abstraction layer that allows to administer
concrete software services. The abstraction will be fine grained to allow to replace a software
service that implements for example a HTTP proxy by another software service implementation
having the same purpose. Such a software interchange scenario may be required if a customer
increases the QoS criteria for a HTTP proxy software service implementation where software
service A does not fulfill these kind of criteria any more and thus must be exchanged by software
service implementation B. Furthermore we are envision to provide software services which are
proxying the actuall service implementation. That way it may be possible to off-load the actual
service implementation to another hardware device. Finally Bennu does not provide a mandatory
web based GUI as it is implied by Webmin. The web based GUI may be deployed as an add-on to
the Bennu runtime environment. Although it would be 
 also possible to administer several Bennu runtime environments using a centralized management
facility and thus the web based management GUI on each Bennu runtime environment becomes obsolete.
+ '''''Q:''' How will the software service management layer persist configuration settings
of particular software services?''
+ '''A:''' The configuration of the complete Bennu system will be stored to a DBMS, flat files
such as XML or INI files, a directory service such as LDAP or even to the native format of
a software service implementation. Choosing the later will be a valid choice for example if
you want to edit the settings of a software service on the command line manually using an
editor. Reading and storing the configuration settings of certain software services will be
provided by pluggable config stores.
+ '''''Q:''' Will it be possible to migrate configuration settings between different config
store implementations?''
+ '''A:''' Yes.
+ '''''Q:''' Will it be possible to import configuration settings from a m0n0wall or pfSense
+ '''A:''' Yes. Basically migrating from m0n0wall or pfSense to Bennu will be supported. If
Bennu doesn't support a certain function which was available on m0n0wall or pfSense it wouldn't
be possible to migrate the corresponding configuration settings for obvious reasons.
+ '''''Q:''' It sounds like the software service management layer is just providing the building
blocks for managing software services which may be found on an operating systems (e.g. UNIX
daemons etc.). Does this mean this management layer may be used to assemble a custom NAS or
PBX system based on Bennu?''
+ '''A:''' Yes. This has been already done using m0n0wall as a foundation (e.g. FreeNAS and
Askozia are both m0n0wall based) and thus, because Bennu shares the same idea of providing
re usable components, it would be as well possible to create a PBX or NAS system by using
the Bennu software artifacts. Tho we currently put our focus on firewalling/routing, Wi-FI
and unified threat management.
+ '''''Q:''' I am used to managing my router devices using a command line shell or a character
based GUI (e.g. curses). Will Bennu provide such a shell or even a character based GUI?''
+ '''A:''' This has been envisioned as a possible field of investigation but at the time there
are no concrete plans on implementing such administration facilities.
+ '''''Q:''' IDS and IPS systems do require a certain amount of computing power. How are you
plans to support this particular kind of software on embedded devices?''
+ '''A:''' Each installable software service that mau be installed on a Bennu runtime environment
will provide a certain degree of meta information which includes data about for which system
the service was originally designed (e.g. may NOT be run on embedded devices). Thus the user
will get a certain degree of decision guidiance about whether a particular service is suitable
for an embedded device or not. At the end of the day it upon the user to make a decission
to install an IDS/IPS on an embedded device or not.

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