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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Trivial Update of "BennuProposal/BennuFaq" by DanielSHaischt
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2007 16:58:31 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DanielSHaischt:

The comment on the change is:
more FAQ items

  #pragma section-numbers on
+ #language en
+ #format wiki
+ [[TableOfContents]]
  = Bennu Frequently Asked Questions =
- ''Author:''         Daniel S. Haischt <dsh at apache dot org>
+ ''Author:''         Daniel S. Haischt [[MailTo(dsh AT apache DOT org)]]
  ''Date:''           December 2007
@@ -43, +47 @@

  '''A:''' Some particular implementation of a web service (either SOAP based or REST or even
+ '''''Q:''' In the hardware section above you've mentioned that there will be some kind of
build system that is coming along with the Bennu (source code) distribution. What's the particular
purpose of such a build system?''
+ '''A:''' Basically it's more than impractical to require the end user to assemble a ready
to run Bennu operating system image on his own. Thus a Bennu build system will be put into
place that is responsible for ''a)'' compiling the Bennu software service management layer
''b)'' creating a directory tree structure that will compose the actual Bennu runtime system
''c)'' configuring the Bennu boot loader etc. and ''d)'' creating an installable software
image that contains the Bennu binaries plus an accompanying operating system. The installable
software image will be geared towards a specific hardware platform (e.g. embedded or server).
+ '''''Q:''' You've mentioned a so called software service management layer that is being
provided by Bennu several times. What's the exact purpose of this management layer?''
+ '''A:''' ''a)'' Management of software service that may be hosted by an operating system
such as the operating system's firewall rule processing engine or 3rd party software service
such as a HTTP proxy implementation and ''b)'' providing an interface to management function
that may be re used by a GUI to administer software services.
+ '''''Q:''' Hummm ... Sounds like Bennu is trying to accomplish what others like Webmin are
already providing.''
+ '''A:''' No, not exactly. Bennu is providing an abstraction layer that allows to administer
concrete software services. The abstraction will be fine grained to allow to replace a software
service that implements for example a HTTP proxy by another software service implementation
having the same purpose. Such a software interchange scenario may be required if a customer
increases the QoS criteria for a HTTP proxy software service implementation where software
service A does not fulfill these kind of criteria any more and thus must be exchanged by software
service implementation B. Furthermore we are envision to provide software services which are
proxying the actuall service implementation. That way it may be possible to off-load the actual
service implementation to another hardware device. Finally Bennu does not provide a mandatory
web based GUI as it is implied by Webmin. The web based GUI may be deployed as an add-on to
the Bennu runtime environment. Although it would be 
 also possible to administer several Bennu runtime environments using a centralized management
facility and thus the web based management GUI on each Bennu runtime environment becomes obsolete.

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