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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "BennuProposal/BennuFaq" by DanielSHaischt
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2007 15:20:34 GMT
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The following page has been changed by DanielSHaischt:

  '''A:''' We are trying to provide an operating system agnostic management layer for software
service that can be found on particular operating systems. Tho initially we will focus on
a FreeBSD compliant management layer.
- '''''Q:''' Why have you chosen to initially focus on FreeBSD?
+ '''''Q:''' Why have you chosen to initially focus on FreeBSD?''
  '''A:''' Bennu will be re using the m0n0wall code base as a initial starting point. m0n0wall
is FreeBSD based and thus the Bennu management layer will be initially FreeBSD compliant as
+ '''''Q:''' Isn't it a real overhead to try to accomplish an OS agnostic management layer?''
+ '''A:''' To a certain degree Yes. On the other hand with the help of appropriate software
design (like service abstraction and a polymorphic service behavior), POSIX complaint coding
guidelines and the appropriate tooling (autotools or cmake etc.) we do believe that such a
OS agnostic software service management layer can be accomplished or at least porting the
layer to a different OS will be easier.
+ '''''Q:''' So is it correct that Bennu will be composed of a operating system (e.g FreeBSD)
plus a management layer to manage software services of an operating system?''
+ '''A:''' No. The Bennu system (as it will be maintained in a SCM system) will only consist
of the aforementioned management layer plus an appropriate build system that is assembling
a custom operating system, suitable to be run either on an embedded device or a server appliance.
The outcome will be a Bennu image that contains anything that is required to run the Bennu
system on an embedded device or a server appliance.
  === Hardware Related Items ===
  === Software Related Items ===
+ '''''Q:''' Which programming language will be used to implement the Bennu software service
management layer?''
+ '''A:''' C/C++
+ '''''Q:''' Which interfaces will be exposed by the management layer to enable other software
systems to interact with the Bennu system?''
+ '''A:''' Some particular implementation of a web service (either SOAP based or REST or even

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