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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "ComposerProposal" by PaulHammant
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 04:07:47 GMT
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The following page has been changed by PaulHammant:

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Initial Draft.

New page:
== 'Apache Composer' Proposal ==

Apache Composer is an embeddable Inversion of Control (IoC) container for general components
(Java initially).  Its characterizing elements are that it is small, favors Dependency Injection
(over other IoC variants) and tries to remain agnostic when it comes to the need for its components
to honor abstractions.  

It is the merger of two existing projects - PicoContainer (
and Plexus (  Plexus was started in 2002, and PicoContainer in
2003.  Both projects have committers who are experienced in open source software development,
as well as existing Apache committers and members on board.  
== Rationale ==
The project is interested in moving to Apache for the following reasons:  

  * Apache technologies like Maven depend on Plexus and bringing this core technology to Apache
is a homecoming of sorts.
  * Plexus and PicoContainer developers see a large overlap of their two projects. Indeed
over time the two have increasingly converged.  It makes sense to combine forces.
  * There is much industry focus on Inversion of Control per se, and Dependency Injection
in particular these days.
== Meritocracy ==
The PicoContainer and Plexus projects have fostered a development community based around meritocracy
backed by very benevolent dictators. Many of the committers already work on other Apache projects
and understand the Apache way. The committers understand that they will collectively be responsible
for the code and community, and that going forward the decision making will be based on merit
only (as defined by the Apache way).

== Community ==
The 'Apache Composer' Community will bring together two already successful communities - Plexus
and PicoContainer. Both projects have active users and contributors on the mailing lists.

== Core Developers ==
The 'Apache Composer' projects initial committers include a diverse set of individuals. All
are active in the software industry. 

== Alignment ==
'Apache Composer' currently uses and integrates with a few of Apache's projects but has no
hard dependencies on them: 
 * Maven 2: The build system for the both Plexus and PicoContainer. 
 * Struts 1 & 2: IoC Enablers for them
 * BSH (optional usages)
 * Axis 1 (optional usages)
 * Commons Logging, Log4J (optional usages)
== Avoiding the Warning Signs ==

=== Orphaned products ===
'Apache Composer' is a merging of two successful open source projects, Plexus and PicoContainer.
Both have active communities and developers. Both are used by other open source and commercial

=== Inexperience with open source ===
The authors of the existing code already have extensive open source experience.  The initial
list of committers includes thirteen Apache Committers.  

=== Homogeneous developers ===
The project's initial committers include individuals that are employed by a diverse set of
companies, including Sonatype and ThoughtWorks, DevZus 

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
In two cases there is a company with more than one employee coming forward.  ThoughtWorks
brings a few staff (all of which have day to day duties that only occasionally include open
source).  Sonatype brings two staff (both work on open source during the working day). Mostly
though PicoContainer and Plexus are contributed after hours.

=== No ties to other Apache products ===
Both Plexus and PicoContainer currently use many Apache projects. These have been outlined
in the alignment section.
=== A fascination with the Apache brand ===
While we expect the Apache brand may help attract more contributors, our interests in starting
this project is based on the factors mentioned in the Rationale section.  However, we will
be sensitive to inadvertent abuse of the Apache brand and will work with the Incubator PMC
to ensure the brand policies are respected.  

=== Scope of Subprojects ===
No subprojects proposed.

== Initial Source ==
The copyright for Plexus is assigned to Codehaus.  PicoContainer by its committers. 

The applicable code will be relicensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. The dependencies
all have Apache compatible licenses. These include BSD, ..... licensed dependencies.

== ASF Resources to be Created ==
 * Mailing lists 
   * composer-dev
   * composer-user
   * composer-commits
 * SVN Repository
 * JIRA Composer (Composer) 

== Initial Committers ==

>>From the Plexus project -
 * Jason van Zyl (Sonatype, Apache Committer - 'jvanzyl' )
 * John Casey (Sonatype, Apache Committer - 'jdcasey' )
 * Trygve Laugstol (Apache Committer - 'trygvis' )
 * Brett Porter (DevZuz, Apache Committer - 'brett' )
 * Carlos Sanchez (DevZuz, Apache Committer - 'carlos' )
 * Emmanuel Venisse (DevZuz, Apache Committer - 'evenisse' )
 * Jesse McConnell (DevZuz, Apache Committer - 'jmcconnell' )
 * Joakim Erdfelt (DevZuz, Apache Committer - 'joakime' )
 * Kenney Westerhof (Neonics, Apache Committer - 'kenney' )
 * Jason Dillon (IBM, Apache Committer)
 * Andrew Williams (Rectang, Apache Committer - 'handyande')
 * Jochen Wiedmann (Apache Committer)
 * Olivier Lamy (Apache Committer - 'olamy' )
 * Oleg Gusakov (eBay)
 * Frankie Wu (eBay)
 * Durai Arasan (E*Trade)
 * Piotr Tabor
 * Rahul Thakur
 * Eirik Bjorsnos
 * Eric Redmond
 * Herve Boutemy

>>From the PicoContainer project -
 * Paul Hammant (ThoughtWorks, Apache Committer - 'hammant')
 * Mauro Talevi (Agilesque, Apache Committer - 'mauro')
 * Peter Royal (Radar Networks, Apache Member - 'proyal')
 * Jorg Schaible (Elsag Solutions AG, Apache Committer - 'joehni' )
 * Michael Rimov (Centerline Computers)
 * Mike Ward (ThoughtWorks)
 * Konstantin Priblouda (J Tec Team GbR)
 * Aslak Hellesoy (Bekk)
 * Jon Tirsen (ThoughtWorks)
 * Joe Walnes (Google)
 * Jose Peleterio
 * Dan North (ThoughtWorks)
 * Chris Stevenson (ThoughtWorks)
 * Kent Spillner (ThoughtWorks)
 * Pawel Kozlowski

PicoContainer's committers yet to advise us -
 * Steve Molitor
 * Mike Hogan

Approving of PicoContainer migration, but not joining as Committer -
 * James Strachan
 * Leo Simmons
 * Gregory Joseph

== Sponsor ==
We kindly request the Incubator PMC to accept sponsorship for this proposal. 

== Champion ==

 * Jason van Zyl
== Mentors ==

 * Jason van Zyl
 * Peter Royal

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