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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "January2007" by rickhall
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2007 16:16:08 GMT
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The following page has been changed by rickhall:

   * Nmaven
+ === Felix ===
+ Felix is an implementation of the OSGi R4 service platform.
+ Community
+  * The community is working toward incubator gradution.
+  * Continued organization of the wiki (and generated web site), creating the subproject
documentation section with new documentation on for various subprojects, including a placeholder
for the Felix Commons initiative.
+  * Voted Karl Pauls as Release Manager.
+  * Community voted on and released Felix 0.8.0-incubator.
+  * A Felix-related talk was given at ApacheCon 2006 in Austin, Texas.
+  * We have seen an apparent influx of new community members based on some new faces being
active on the mailing list and even a new contributor (Chris Custine).
+  * Emil Ivov announced the 1.0-alpha1 release of SIP Communicator, a Felix-based multi-protocol
instant messenger and SIP software phone.
+ Software
+  * Felix 0.8.0-incubator approved by the Incubator PMC and is available for download.
+  * Felix Commons initiative started in earnest with the goal of creating bundles out of
popular open source libraries, headed by Enrique Rodriguez. John Conlon submitted several
POM files for various libraries and Felix Meschberger and Tim Moloney have also expressed
interest in doing so.
+  * Several patches from Felix Meschberger improving the framework's ability to be used in
embedded use cases, particularly issues surrounding framework shutdown and clean up.
+  * Created a new Maven 2 plugin for creating OSGi bundles, which uses the BND tool from
Peter Kriens. This plugin is quite a bit different than the existing plugin, but the goal
is to try to merge the two if possible.
+  * Major patch to iPOJO by Clement Escoffier.
+  * Initial prototyping of "require bundle" functionality complete in Richard Hall's sandbox,
work has begun to transition to trunk.
+  * Patch submitted by Chris Custine to implement bundle manifest header localization.
+  * Patch submitted by Kamen Petroff to allow additional imports to be specified for the
old Maven plugin.
+  * Rick Litton worked with the Eclipse community to get their extension point mechanism
working on Felix, this effort will continue as bundle localization and require-bundle capabilities
are added to Felix.
+ Licensing and other isses
+  * Committed latest OSGi Alliance source code, which is the official release licensed under
the Apache license.
+  * Committed OSGi Alliance Foundation source code (licensed under the Apache license), which
provides stubs for, so that we can compile everything again.
+  * A patch from Felix Meschberger for the URL Handlers service was put on hold since it
was not clear if their were any licensing implications as a result of its inspiration from
Equinox code. The patch/functionality is targeted to be resolved for the 1.0.0 release.
  === UIMA ===

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