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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "November2006" by MartijnDashorst
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 09:43:58 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MartijnDashorst:

The comment on the change is:
Added Wicket's october and november reports

   * Output XML via XSL transformer, compressed fields, improved parameter handling, more
querying options and performance optimizations.
+ === Wicket ===
+ Web development framework focusing on pure OO coding,
+ making the creation of new components very easy. Wicket entered the incubator in October
+ ==== October report ====
+ Top three items to resolve -
+  * Remove a LGPL date picker component from Wicket-extensions
+  * Work out how community is going to manage releases (e.g should we release current maintenance
branches at SourceForge? 1.2.3->SF, 1.3->ASF, 2.0->ASF)
+  * Settle into ASF context more
+ Community aspects:
+  * All bar one of Wicket's SourceForge committers have come over to Apache
+  * About to vote in our first new committer since starting incubation
+  * PPMC is starting to explore setting up project guidelines, for example should committer
votes be done in private/public; should all committers be on PPMC or not)
+ Code aspects:
+  * Working on completing 1.2.3 release - last release to be done at SourceForge - before
1.3 development starts. 1.3 likely an ASF release
+  * Work continues steadily on 2.0, also expected to be an ASF release
+ Licensing:
+  * Need to remove/resolve a LGPL dependency in Wicket-extensions on a date picker component
+ Infrastructure:
+  * All ICLAs are signed, all accounts created, and all karma granted (still need to get
ICLA from one chap who didn't come to ASF, and for other contributors that may need one)
+  * Subversion repository successfully imported into ASF repo by Graham Rooney (many thanks).
All development work is now taking place in ASF repo.
+  * dev, private and commits email lists moved to incubator. All development work is happening
on these lists
+  * user list remains on SourceForge for the time being (while development settles in. May
move over to ASF once we've done a real ASF release).
+  * Wicket Wiki ( has been ported across to
Confluence (
+  * JIRA has been set up and bugtracking is now happening there. A SourceForge->JIRA importer
has been written, but not yet executed on Wicket issues.
+ ==== November report ====
+ Top three items to resolve
+  * Remove a LGPL date picker component from Wicket-extensions
+  * Make the code base license policy compliant
+  * Settle into ASF context more
+ Community aspects:
+  * Voted in our first new committer since starting incubation: Alistair Maw
+  * Development list gets more activity
+ Code aspects:
+  * Performed Wicket 1.2.3 release at
+  * Work on 1.3 has started
+  * Work continues steadily on 2.0
+  * 1.3 and 2.0 are marked Apache releases
+ Licensing:
+  * Started work on removing/replacing LGPL date picker component from extensions
+  * Started to replace License headers in source files
+  * Discussion on css/javascript/html file license headers. Wicket contains and distributes
many (small) css, javascript and html files that are also downloaded to the browser. Point
of dispute is the fact that the license is larger than several of the files, and that it increases
the download sizes of resources for all users of Wicket applications.
+ Infrastructure:
+  * Work has started to generate the website using confluence
  === XAP ===
  XAP is a declarative framework for building, deploying and maintaining Ajax-based rich internet
applications with the goal of dramatically simplifying Ajax application development. XAP entered
incubation in May 2006.

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