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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "FluorideProposal" by IanHolsman
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:52:52 GMT
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The following page has been changed by IanHolsman:

New page:
= Fluoride, a Feed Server Proposal =

== 0. Rationale ==

a RSS/Atom feed by default is hard to track. The aim of this proposal is to create a server
which can track statistics on
who is reading your feeds, and what they are reading.  

== 0.1 Criteria ==

=== Meritocracy: ===

Apache was chosen for an incubator for the guidance the community can provide.

=== Community: ===

None yet.. this is just an idea

=== Core Developers: ===

Ian Holsman. ASF Member

=== Alignment: ===

The initial code is planed to be implemented in C and python, but I am inpartial.

== 0.2 Warning signs ==

=== Orphaned products: ===

=== Inexperience with open source: ===

Ian is a ASF member
=== Homogenous developers: ===

Only one developer. I am hoping for others to be interested and join in

=== Reliance on salaried developers: ===

No one salaried developers.

=== No ties to other Apache products: ===

No Ties.

=== A fascination with the Apache brand: ===

we are fascinated by it. It's shiny. Seriously I chose apache as I thought others may be interested

== 1. Scope of the subprojects ==

The initial scope of the project will be the development of a functionally-complete implementation
of a server capable of handling between 10-1000 unique feeds with each feed having multiple

== 2. Initial source ==


== 2.1 External Dependencies of the project ==

The current implemenation depends on the following components:
It is envisioned that the project would require Django for it's maintenance screens, and use
Apache's Httpd and mod_python.

== 3. Identify the ASF resources to be created ==

== 3.1 mailing list(s) ==

 * fluoride-ppmc (moderated subscriptions)
 * fluoride-dev 
 * fluoride-commits
 * fluoride-user

== 3.2 Subversion repository ==


== 3.3 Bugzilla ==

 * fluoride

== 4. Identify the initial set of committers: ==

 * Ian Holsman (Zilbo)
== 5. Identify Apache sponsoring individual ==

We request that the Apache Incubator PMC sponsor the Abdera Atom implementation as an incubating

Champion: TBD


 * TBD

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