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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "July2006" by snoopdave
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 12:52:34 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by snoopdave:

  Lucene.Net continues to progress. Recently Lucene.Net 1.9 RC1 Final was released.  In addition,
Lucene.Net 1.9.1 Beta is released.  Work is underway to release Lucene.Net 2.0 Beta by end
of July. Folks are beginning to discover Lucene.Net and activities on the project from posting
questions and code fixes are beginning to show some signs of life. However, things are still
slow in terms of participation. Lucene.Net can use some publicity and exposure which I intend
to start doing by asking to create a link to Lucene.Net on the main Jakarta Lucene web page
as well as by creating a Wiki page for Lucene.Net. 
  === Roller ===
+    Working in the roller_3.0 branch, Allen Gilliland and Dave Johnson have 
+    been making extensive changes to Roller's blog/page rendering system. 
+    Roller 3.0's new features are:
+    1) Completely new URL structure, with redirection for old URLs
+      - Completely rewritten/refactored page/feed rendering system
+      - View renders are pluggable
+      - Made progress towards static rendering
+      - All new set of page models and macros
+    2) Multi-language blog support, based on new URL structure
+    3) Front-page of Roller is now a blog with optional site-wide features:
+      - Planet page model and planet display macros
+      - Site-wide model supports listing of new users, new weblogs, hot weblogs
+        and other community oriented queries.
+      - Macros for diplaying A-Z user and weblog directories 
+    Dave Johnson worked to satisfiy ASF licencing and packaging requirements 
+    and as a result of this work, we made our first Roller release (2.3) on 
+    ASF infrastructure:
+    - Licence headers in every file
+    - Changed to org.apache package names for all Java code
+    - Removed all LGPL code from release (Hibernate, JSPWiki, Jazzy, etc.)
+    - Created a Roller Support project on Java.Net for non-ASF Roller goodies
+      such as LGPL/GPL licensed themes, plugins and other downloads.
+    The IETF released Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) draft #9 and Dave Johnson 
+    updated Roller's APP implementation to support this new draft. APP is 
+    an "experimental" feature in Roller and is turned off by default.
+    Craig Russell has put together some proposals for implementing both JPA
+    and JDO backends for Roller -- so that we can eventually replace our 
+    dependency on Hibernate. We nominated him for committer status to make it 
+    easier for him to contribute, but the voting process is still dragging on.
+    A Norwegian company LinPro has submitted a large patch for mutli-site
+    blogging. It looks like a very interesting and valuable new feature but
+    thus far nobody has had time to evaluate the code.
+    Dave Johnson presented a talk on Roller at ApacheCon EU 2006, designed to
+    inspire and educate new users, developers and contributors. The talk was
+    well attended. Dave will present a similar talk, but completely updated
+    for Roller 3.0 at ApacheCon US 2006.
  === OpenEJB ===
  The OpenEJB project has begun it's migration into the Incubator.  Primary activities are
setting up infrastructure and establishing a list of active committers.  Items completed so

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