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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "Synapse/InProgress/SynapseConfigurationLanguage" by Asankha Perera
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 11:09:54 GMT
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The following page has been changed by Asankha Perera:

        (sequencedef | endpointdef | literalpropertydef | extensiondef)+
+     <proxies>
+       proxyservice+
+     </proxies>?
@@ -22, +25 @@

  The <definitions> section defines reusable elements that can be used from within the
rules, and the <rules> section contains the sequence of mediators that every message
passes through during mediation.
+ === Proxy services ===
+ The <proxies> section defines Synapse Proxy services, which are real Axis2 services
hosted on Synapse, which allows WSDL mediation as well as the ability to expose existing services
on Synapse, with possibly different semantics, such as WS-Security, WS-RM and Transport switching.
+ A proxyservice token represents a <proxy> element which is used to define a Synapse
Proxy service.
+ {{{
+   <proxy name="string" type="wsdl|jms|rest" [description="string"]>
+     <endpoint protocol="http|https|jms|mail|tcp" uri="uri"/>
+     <target (endpoint="string"|sequence="string")/>?
+     <wsdl url="url"/>?
+     <policy url="url"/>*
+   </proxy>
+ }}}
+ A proxy service with the given endpoint->uri is created and exposed on the list of endpoint->protocols
on the underlying Axis2 instance. (Note: that currently Axis2 does not allow custom URI's
to be set for services.) The Proxy service could be a WS, JMS or REST service, and must define
the target for received messages as a named sequence or endpoint. If a target is not supplied,
the default Synapse rules will apply for message mediation.
  ==== Sequences ====
  A sequencedef token represents a <sequence> element which is used to define a named
sequence of mediators that can be invoked later by name as a sequence of mediators.
@@ -37, +55 @@

    <endpoint name="string" [address="url"]>
      .. extensibility ..
+     <parameter name="OutflowSecurity">
+       ...
+     </parameter>
+     .. extensibility ..
+ An Axis2 Parameter element within an endpoint definition with the name "OutflowSecurity"
describes the Apache Rampart security configuration to be used for messages flowing to this
endpoint. Please see Rampart/Axis2 documentation for more details.
+ A Policy element within an endpoint definition with an Id of "RMPolicy" describes the Apache
Sandesha2 RM configuration (or any overrides against the default) to be used for messages
flowing to this endpoint. Please see Sandesha2/Axis2 documentation for more details.
  ==== Extensions ====

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