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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "IncubatorBoardReport2006Q1" by MartinSebor
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 03:21:50 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MartinSebor:

   * getting a definitive answer on if we are allowed to use CDDL software such as the JAXB2
Reference Implementation. We have so far not seen a definitive answer anywhere and so are
continuing to use it unless we are given guidenence that we should not.
  === stdcxx ===
+ Stdcxx status report  for the calendar quarter ending in 12/2005:
+ This is the second quarterly report for stdcxx.
+ The stdcxx  community has spent  the last three months  working toward
+ version  4.1.3 of  the project.   The major  accomplishments  thus far
+ include  the  completion of  the  test  suite  driver (STDCXX-4),  the
+ migration of  a large number  (but not all)  of stdcxx tests  from the
+ Rogue C++  Standard Library test suite  to this driver and  to the ASF
+ Subversion  repository  (STDCXX-4),  and  the creation  of  a  Windows
+ configuration and build infrastructure (STDCXX-5, STDCXX-13)). 
+ The  successful  completion of  these  objectives  marks an  important
+ milestone  for the  stdcxx project.   To facilitate  the  migration of
+ existing users of  the Rogue Wave C++ Standard  Library to stdcxx, the
+ stdcxx  community is  currently in  the process  of  releasing version
+ 4.1.3 of  the project.   This release has  been scheduled  to coincide
+ with the release of the Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library 4.1.3 on which
+ stdcxx  is based.   A vote  to release  stdcxx 4.1.3  is under  way on
+ stdcxx-dev.
+ In other  news, the stdcxx PPMC  recently voted to extend  an offer of
+ committership to  Anton Pevtsov.  Anton  is the author of  the Windows
+ build infrastructure and his help with porting the test suite over the
+ last few months  has been essential.  In addition,  in preparation for
+ graduation and  the forming of a  PMC, the stdcxx PPMC  has started to
+ discuss  expanding its  membership  from the  current  5 (including  3
+ mentors) to involve other active committers.
+ Going  forward,  the  most  important  goals  of  the  growing  stdcxx
+ community continue to be to increase the visibility of the project and
+ further  increase  the number  as  well  as  diversity of  its  users,
+ contributors, and  committers, finish  porting the stdcxx  test suite,
+ and implement  a complete test  harness for the project  to facilitate
+ automated nightly  testing.  Other goals include expanding  the set of
+ platforms  to  Apple Darwin  and  other  BSD-based operating  systems,
+ enhancing support for the C++ Standard Library extensions described in
+ the (Draft) Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions.
+ Martin Sebor
  === Synapse ===
  The Synapse project is progressing well. We have met the target functionality for an M1
release, have voted on it and hope to release it during January. We have had a number of votes
and hold a regularly scheduled IRC chat that is well attended by a core team of contributors.
The M1 release offers a useful set of functionality, has a codebase that is 100% new code
developed by the community under the CLA and ASL2. The release offers users the ability to
route, transform and log web service messages passing thru the Synapse intermediary. It utilises
a number of existing Apache projects including Axis2.

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