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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "TuscanyProposal" by KenTam
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 06:25:12 GMT
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The following page has been changed by KenTam:

+ Tuscany provides multiple language implementations of the Service
+ Component Architecture (SCA) specifications and related technologies
+ such as SDO (links to these specifications are in the "Initial Source" section of this proposal).
- Recent years have seen the introduction of a variety of specifications,
- frameworks and products (both commercial and open source) that have
- focused strongly on ease-of-development for enterprise applications by
- reducing the complexity for a typical application developer.  In
- parallel, the architectural style known as Service-Oriented Architecture
- (SOA) has been growing in popularity, with its emphasis on loose
- coupling of heterogeneous functional units, well-defined business-level
- interfaces and contracts between those interfaces, and clean separation
- between interface and implementation.
+ Its overall goal is to simplify the implementation of services and the
+ composition of heterogeneous service networks by building
+ infrastructure bridging the gaps between language-specific application
+ component implementation technologies (e.g. Java EE, BPEL, Spring,
+ etc) using SOA concepts/design approaches (e.g. web services, loosely
+ coupled asynchronous messaging, ESBs, etc).
- While SOA principles are not new, best practices and implementation
- technologies tailored for them are in their infancy. To simplify the
- composition of SOA-based systems, a set of frameworks and solutions are
- needed that are designed from the ground up to define these practices
- and provide widely accessible implementation technologies.  These
- technologies differ from existing solutions in that they must address
- the challenges in assembling large-scale, loosely-coupled,
- service-oriented applications.
+ The seed code for the project will consist of in-progress C++ and Java
+ implementations of several SCA specifications that we intend to
- Tuscany aims to provide the infrastructure to bridge the gap between
- current language-specific application component implementation
- technologies and higher-level SOA concepts and design approaches.
- We will do this by implementing the Service Component Architecture
- (SCA) specification and related technologies such as SDO. 
- Seed code will be contributed in both C++ and Java that we intend to 
- continue development on, Apache style, in conjunction with other Apache 
+ continue development on in conjuction with other Apache communities.
- communities.
+ More information on the scope of the seed code can be found in
+ subsequent sections of this proposal.

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