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Subject svn commit: r164623 - /incubator/public/trunk/site-author/projects/jackrabbit.cwiki
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 18:48:51 GMT
Author: fielding
Date: Mon Apr 25 11:48:50 2005
New Revision: 164623

add status report


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/site-author/projects/jackrabbit.cwiki
--- incubator/public/trunk/site-author/projects/jackrabbit.cwiki (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/site-author/projects/jackrabbit.cwiki Mon Apr 25 11:48:50 2005
@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@
 [Jakarta Slide|] project,
 but has since attracted interest from multiple projects with
 the [Apache Software Foundation|], including
-Slide, Cocoon, Lenya, XML Indexing, Axion, and Derby.
-We are also looking at integration with projects such as Beehive, Maven,
-and Portals.
+Slide, Cocoon, Lenya, Graffito, XML Indexing, and Derby.
+We are also looking at integration with projects such as Maven
+and Beehive.
 The purpose of this incubation period is to attract additional contributors
 from other Apache projects and from the various JSR-170 expert group
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 and open it up to all of the 22 expert group companies.  Development of
 the JCR RI and TCK will occur in this project -- Day Software plans to
 continue participation in Jackrabbit and use the code in the official
-(binary) RI and TCK releases, allowing developers to beta test against
+RI and TCK releases, allowing developers to beta test against
 the open source versions as well as the official versions.
 !!! News
@@ -69,6 +69,22 @@
 !!! Incubation status reports
+* 2005/04/25
+Jackrabbit is doing well as a project and is attracting interest
+both within other Apache projects (Lenya and Graffito in
+particular) as well as from new folks in the Java community.
+We added two new committers, Jukka Zitting and Dominique Pfister,
+and have received sustained contributions from Serge Huber,
+Edgar Poce, Angela Schreiber, Felix Meschberger, and others.
+Jackrabbit's only problem right now is continued reliance on
+JCP EG private discussions due to the unfinished nature of the
+JSR 170 Content Repository for Java Technology API.  JSR 170 is
+expected to be submitted for final draft status in early May,
+after which all of the discussion can be moved to Apache lists.
+We anticipate graduating from Incubator sometime soon after that.
 * 2004/11/17
 The Jackrabbit project has completed all of the Incubator checklist
@@ -171,3 +187,4 @@
 ! Incubator sign-off 
 * Has the Incubator decided that the project has accomplished all of the above tasks?

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