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Subject [Incubator Wiki] Updated: GlobusProposal
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 21:55:16 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-22T13:55:16
   Editor: IanFoster <>
   Wiki: Incubator Wiki
   Page: GlobusProposal

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Change Log:

@@ -8,17 +8,17 @@
 Rapid growth in the number of Globus developers and users is now motivating a need for yet
more open governance and development processes. The Globus team initially thought of adapting
Apache mechanisms for their own use, but as Apache clearly works effectively, Apache license
terms are closely aligned with those already used by Globus, and Globus already makes extensive
use of Apache components, we instead propose moving Globus to Apache in its entirety.
-=== Criteria ===
+== Criteria ==
-==== Meritocracy ====
+=== Meritocracy ===
 Design decisions are made by the Globus design and development team. We plan to do everything
possible to encourage an environment in which this group is further broadened.
-==== Community ====
+=== Community ===
 The Globus developer community numbers over 40 individuals at Globus Alliance sites, with
probably another few dozen people contributing substantially but at smaller scales in various
ways, and with small contributions (e.g., small patches, bug fixes, etc) from may more. The
number of developers building Globus-based software certainly numbers in the hundreds, and
the number of users in the thousands. There are over 800 registered users of the Globus bugzilla
database from over 400 different domains, over half of whom have submitted bugs.
-==== Alignment ====
+=== Alignment ===
 Already makes extensive use of Apache software, and generally looks to Apache projects before
turning elsewhere, due to compatibility of licensing terms and code quality and support. 
@@ -26,30 +26,30 @@
 The purpose of this project is to create and maintain a suite of open source software for
Grid computing.
-=== Warning Signs ===
+== Warning Signs ==
-==== Orphaned products ====
+=== Orphaned products ===
 Globus has considerable momentum, and numerous scientific and commercial projects exist that
rely on Globus software. The current developer community is committed to continuing its development.
-==== Inexperience with open source ====
+=== Inexperience with open source ===
 The Globus developer and user community is close to 10 years old, and much experience has
been gained over that period with open source and community development. In addition, several
members of the Globus developer community are already active contributors to Apache.
-==== Homogenous developers ====
+=== Homogenous developers ===
 The Globus developer community spans three countries, plus significant contributions made
by others. They are experienced with working in a distributed environment.
-==== Reliance on salaried developers ====
+=== Reliance on salaried developers ===
 Globus software has been developed largely by developers working on the "day jobs," albeit
often developers employed at universities and government laboratories rather than companies.
However, the entire source base has been open source from the beginning, and the developer
and user community is diverse and enthusiastic.
-==== No ties to other Apache products ====
+=== No ties to other Apache products ===
 As described above, Globus software builds heavily on Apache products, and indeed Globus
developers have already contributed to, and are committers on, various Apache projects. 
-==== A fascination with the Apache brand ====
+=== A fascination with the Apache brand ===
 Globus already has a strong brand of its own. Our interest in moving to Apache is simple:
to further broaden the contributor base by leveraging the Apache processes.

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