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Subject [Incubator Wiki] Updated: CastleProposal
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 18:34:49 GMT
   Date: 2004-10-01T11:34:49
   Editor: HamiltonVerissimo <>
   Wiki: Incubator Wiki
   Page: CastleProposal

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Change Log:

@@ -1,12 +1,13 @@
-'''Proposal for new project Castle'''
+''' Proposal for new project Castle (Draft 1) '''
 ''01 Oct 2004, Hamilton Verissimo (hammett at apache dot org)''
 == Castle or Realm ==
-(temporary name)
+Temporary name.
-===1.1. Rationale===
+=== 1.1. Rationale ===
 A big empty space lies in the open source community for those who happens to use CLI 
 running on Windows (.Net Framework from MS) and|or Linux (Mono implementation). This empty
space refers to a model which set the example, as reference of how to build a Good Application
(tm) from the developer's point of view.
@@ -92,76 +93,76 @@
-====1.1.1. Criteria====
+==== 1.1.1. Criteria ====
-===== Meritocracy=====
+===== Meritocracy =====
 We've been living in meritocracy environment with the project we've been involved to and
even from our work environment. We plan to support meritocracy by all means, setting the example
with every message posted to the list.
-===== Community=====
+===== Community =====
 The Aspect# project have three developers involved, and the Castle container has only one.
This incubation process has the objective of attract more contributors, new ideas, new perceptions
and even new use cases that will drive our roadmap.
-===== Core Developers=====
+===== Core Developers =====
 Currently only the people that are already involved with these projects. People that are
involved with this project as user may be invited to join our efforts as well.
-===== Alignment=====
+===== Alignment =====
 We're concern in not delivering only Microsoft CLI compatible code so the project must be
tested against Mono before being release. For logging purposes we're going to use log4net
available through the ASF Logging TLP.
 For building purposes we're currently using NAnt, which is a port of Apache ANT, but its
licensed as GPL. Test cases are implemented using NUnit, a port of JUnit, another standard
and is currently licensed as zlib/libpng License.
-====1.1.2. Warning Signs====
+==== 1.1.2. Warning Signs ====
-===== Orphaned products=====
+===== Orphaned products =====
 We've been using our projects in commercial applications to practice the eat-your-own-dog-food
and consequently improve the design and features as needed. However this is not enough and
this incubation process is exactly to make our community stronger.
-===== Inexperience with open source=====
+===== Inexperience with open source =====
 Just one committer is new to open source project environment, the others are involved with
open source for more than one year. Hamilton is a committer of with Apache Avalon, a PMC member
of Excalibur project and in the spare time browses the Geronimo source code looking for bugs.
-===== Homogenous developers=====
+===== Homogenous developers =====
 Two of the developers share a common employer, but are not working on the project as salaried
employees. One had work with them but only communicates by email nowadays.
-===== Reliance on salaried developers=====
+===== Reliance on salaried developers =====
 Developers work on a volunteer basis. The project does not rely on salaried developers.
-===== No ties to other Apache products=====
+===== No ties to other Apache products =====
 We plan to use Log4Net available in the Logging project. This is just the first CLI project
available in the ASF. 
-===== A fascination with the Apache brand=====
+===== A fascination with the Apache brand =====
 We're fascinated by the Apache-Way, the meritocracy and community dynamics. We know that
being a committer ASF is guarantee of learning, not only how to develop software properly,
but how to grow a healthful community.
-====1.2. Scope of the subprojects====
+==== 1.2. Scope of the subprojects ====
 Castle Container and Tools are the main subprojects. 
-====1.3. Identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated====
+==== 1.3. Identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated ====
 All Castle related code, DynamicProxy and ManagedExtension is on Avalon SVN repository. The
Aspect# code is on  sourceforge and is already licensed under Apache License 2.0
-====1.4. Identify the ASF resources to be created====
+==== 1.4. Identify the ASF resources to be created ====
-=====1.4.1. mailing list(s)=====
+===== 1.4.1. mailing list(s) =====
 castle-ppmc via (with moderated subscriptions) 
 castle-dev via 
 castle-commits via 
-=====1.4.2. Subversion repositories=====
+===== 1.4.2. Subversion repositories =====
-=====1.4.3. Jira=====
+===== 1.4.3. Jira =====
 We plan to use XProject for issue tracking, based on Extremme programming. 
-====1.5. Identify the initial set of committers====
+==== 1.5. Identify the initial set of committers ====
   * Hamilton Verissimo
   * Rafael Steil
   * Henry Conceicao
-====1.6. Identify Apache sponsoring individual====
+==== 1.6. Identify Apache sponsoring individual ====
 ..........., champion and mentor for the project, (as defined in


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