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Subject cvs commit: incubator-site/build/site faq.html faq.pdf
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 05:34:21 GMT
crossley    2004/09/12 22:34:21

  Modified:    build/site faq.html faq.pdf
  Remove outdated instructions for project website.
  Link to howtoparticipate.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.19      +4 -21     incubator-site/build/site/faq.html
  Index: faq.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator-site/build/site/faq.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.18
  retrieving revision 1.19
  diff -u -r1.18 -r1.19
  --- faq.html	12 Sep 2004 08:30:00 -0000	1.18
  +++ faq.html	13 Sep 2004 05:34:20 -0000	1.19
  @@ -421,8 +421,9 @@
   <h5>2.1. How can I update the site?<span style="float: right"><a href="#site-menu">^</a></span>
   <div style="margin-left: 15 ; border: 2px">
  -<p>Refer to <a href="howtoparticipate.html">How to Participate</a>
  -       page.</p>
  +<p>Refer to <a href="howtoparticipate.html#website">How to Participate</a>
  +       page. If you are not a committer on the Incubator project, then you can
  +       still send patches for the source documents.</p>
   <a name="N10063"></a><a name="projectstatus"></a>
   <h5>2.2. How do I update the incubation status of a project?<span style="float:
right"><a href="#projectstatus-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -449,25 +450,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15 ; border: 2px">
   <p>First of all, read our <a href="incubation/Incubation_Policy.html">Incubation
  -<p>Here is a tip for committing the site in CVS.</p>
  -<pre class="code">
  -       cd $proj
  -       [generate the site] (for example 'maven site'  or 'forrest')
  -       cd $doc_results     (for example 'target/docs' or 'build/site')
  -       cvs -z3 -d $ \
  -        import -m 'Generated site' incubator-site/build/site/$proj \
  -         generated_site Generated_$proj_Website_$(date +%Y%m%d)
  -       </pre>
  -<p>Replace <span class="codefrag">'$proj'</span> with the project name,
replace <span class="codefrag">$my_id</span>
  -       with your apache login id, replace <span class="codefrag">$(date +%Y%m%d)</span>
with the current date
  -       if you want. See <a class="external" href="">some
external documentation</a>
  -       for more info. </p>
  -<div class="frame note">
  -<div class="label">Note</div>
  -<div class="content">The problem with using import in this way is that its not easily

  -             combined with the use of commit (the above external doc explains why). 
  -       </div>
  +<p>Refer to <a href="howtoparticipate.html#project-website">How to Participate</a>
  1.13      +120 -141  incubator-site/build/site/faq.pdf
  	<<Binary file>>

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