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httpd-cli Project Incubation Status

  Project: Apache.Web; Proposed subproject of httpd.apache.org
  Proposed Charter:
  Support httpd server interfaces to ECMA-335 / ISO/IEC 23271 (CLI) languages,
  known to Microsoft users as .NET, and solicit the support of CLI implementors
  to support a wide range of CLI bindings.
  Referred to Incubation: Apache HTTP Server project
  Code Origin: William A. Rowe, Jr. [wrowe@apache.org], Covalent
  Assignment: CLA on file; code grant from Covalent on file
  Developer's List: [...?] (need to locate existing list)
  Initial Codebase: http://www.apache.org/~wrowe/mod_aspdotnet.zip
  Code Repository: [...?] (will begin in SVN)
  Initial PPMC (list to grow, voulenteers?):
    William Rowe   CLA on file
    Daniel Lopez   CLA on file
    Ian Holsman   CLA on file
    Sterling Hughes 
  Discussions Threads: 
      Message-Id: <>
      Message-Id: <>
                      [promoted to incubator]
       Message-Id: <>
    Invite participants to dev@ forum
    Identify PPMC 
    Create SVN repository
    Validate providence of code
    Release from incubator to httpd PMC supervision.
    Begin another module to expose Apache, al la modperl, to the CLR, created
    probably from scratch or borrowing on some of the other cross-language
    Apache hosting projects such as Apache's tcl, modperl and similar efforts.
  Potential Issues:
  The mono project's ASP.NET implementation is distributed by them under 
  a separate package due to potential patent conflicts.  This inhibits our ability
  as a U.S. based organization to take special exception for binding to their
  CLI implementation of the System.Web provider.  Note we are a System.Web
  consumer so these issues aren't relevant to our implementation against the
  These issues should not affect efforts to implement the native Apache methods
  and exposing them to the mono CLR, only the ASP.NET side of the world.
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