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Subject [Incubator Wiki] Updated: MyFacesProposal
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 16:55:59 GMT
   Date: 2004-07-03T09:55:59
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Incubator Wiki
   Page: MyFacesProposal

   -- TedHusted

Change Log:

@@ -1,70 +1,64 @@
 '''Proposal for new project MyFaces'''
-17 June 2004, The MyFaces Team (contributions by: Martin Marinschek, martin at marinschek
dot com)
+17 June 2004, The MyFaces Team (contributions by: Martin Marinschek, martin at marinschek
dot com; Ted Husted, husted at apache dot org.)
 '''(0) rationale'''   
-MyFaces' goal is it to achieve a full implementation of the JavaServer(tm) Faces-specification.
JavaServer(tm) Faces is a new framework for building web-applications with the goals of easy
maintainability and extendability, its origins are to be found in the Java Specification Request
+The goal of MyFaces is to create and maintain a complete and correct open source implementation
of the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification. JavaSever Faces (JSR 127) is the new standard user
interface framework for building web applications in Java. 
-MyFaces tries to implement the specification completely and thoroughly and follows the specification
as close as possible. This is to ensure compatibility with other implementations.
-Additional goals of MyFaces are the encouragement of the community to provide additional
components that can be used in the JavaServer(tm) Faces framework; the sooner an open-source
framework exists in which every developer can contribute, the more components will be written
as open-source and given back to the community.
-It is left for the ASF to decide where MyFaces would fit in with the existing Apache projects,
some possibilities we would agree with would be as a member of Geronimo, Jakarta or an independent
-MyFaces would possibly have three sub-projects fitting together:
- * '''MyFaces JSF API Implementation''' (the javax.faces.* classes)
- * '''MyFaces JSF Core Implementation'''
- * '''MyFaces Components and Extensions'''
+MyFaces encourages the community to provide additional components that can be used in the
JavaServer(tm) Faces framework. MyFaces strives to provide an environment where open source
developers can create new components and contribute them back to the community.
 '''(0.1) criteria'''
 ''Meritocracy: ''
-The team of MyFaces is very much building on the assumption that the opinion of persons who
show more efforts in the ongoing development of the project will be valued higher. 
+The development of MyFaces is consensus-based. Discussions take place on the Developer list
at SourceForge. The developers work as a team. Individuals sometimes take the initiative,
and other times an idea is discussed at length before it is implemented. Developers often
employ Apache conventions, such as "+1", when coming to decisions.
 ''Community: ''
-MyFaces does already have a very lively community as the project has already been founded
two years ago and the interest for the project has slowly, but steadily increased. Currently
the project is hosted at sourceforge, where 17 developers are inscribed as commiters. As of
this date, the two mailing-lists show 55 and 83 inscriptions, respectively, and are well frequented.
+The MyFaces project was founded two years ago. Interest in the project has grown steadily
as the JSF specification neared completition. Currently, the project is hosted at SourceForge,
where 17 developers act as "Committers". Currently, the two mailing-lists have over 130 subscribers,
with over 1200 posts. Over 85 issue tickets have been filed, and, as of July 1, only 12 remain
 ''Core Developers:''
-The project was founded by two developers, then freelancers, today one of them is an employee
of the OeKB (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG). The project's additional developers recruit
themselves from many different companies and organizations, the work on MyFaces is their individual
+The MyFaces project was founded by two developers, then freelancers. Today, one of them is
an employee of the OeKB (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG). The projects other developers
hail come from many different companies and organizations. Their work on MyFaces are individual
contributions, and all developers have already filed Constributor License Agreements with
the ASF.
-The project aims to implement the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request and will therefore
be part of the J2EE infrastructure.
+JavaServer(tm) Faces is part of the J2EE infrastructure, and so MyFaces aligns with any ASF
project that subscribed to the J2SE or J233 infrastructure. Of particular relevance are projects
such as Geronimo, Struts, and Jakarta Taglibs.
 '''(0.2) warning signs'''
 ''Orphaned products: ''
-The project builds on the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request which has just recently
been released in the final version; a status of getting to be an orphaned product will therefore
be highly unlikely.
+All of the active developers would like to become MyFaces Committers or PMC Members and plan
to remain active in the project. The first release of the JSF specification was finalized
only this year, and a long lifecycle is expected. 
 ''Inexperience with open source:''
-Several of the project members have already been working as commiters on different open-source
projects, all of them have been using open source in their projects on a daily base.
+The MyFaces project has operated as healthy, public open source for two years. Several of
the developers work as as committers on other open-source projects.
 ''Homogenous developers:''
-The developer community is - as stated above - very heterogenous, there is no strong association
with any single organisation/company. Geographically, the community is widespread (mainly
the US and several European countries).
+The developers have no no strong association with any single organisation or company. Geographically,
the community is widespread (mainly the US and several European countries). Development discussions
take place on the public developers list. 
 ''Reliance on salaried developers:''
-Many of the developers are individual volunteers, others get paid to write web-applications
and in using and improving MyFaces they improve their web-applications; so they are not directly
paid to write MyFaces. Some of the developers are helping in the development of MyFaces "just
for fun", some use and improve it for their university studies and research.
+None of the developers were hired to work on MyFaces. All came to the project voluntarily
and work on MyFaces because they are interested in the project. Some of the developers use
MyFaces in the web applications they write for their employer, others use MyFaces as part
of their university studies or research projects. 
 ''No ties to other Apache products:''
-A short look into the MyFaces lib directory will clarify that this assumption cannot hold:
e.g, several commons-projects can be found in this directory. Additionally, MyFaces would
integrate very well with many other projects of the Apache Software Foundation.
+MyFaces has strong ties to several Apache projects, expecially components of the Jakarta
Commons. Developers are working directly with Struts to ensure the Struts Faces taglib works
well with MyFaces. As work on Geronimo proceeds, MyFaces will likely develop strong ties with
that project too.
 ''A fascination with the Apache brand:''
-The primary aim of moving to Apache as a platform is to establish and strengthen links and
synergies with the existing ASF projects. However, we are believing that we will find an even
larger community of users and developers in moving to Apache; of course the Apache brand can
be of help in this aim - we would this not call "fascination", but a positive valuation of
the name "Apache". 
+MyFaces shares a common culture with the Apache Software Foundation, and now a common license.
The developers believe that by joining the ASF, the MyFaces community will continue to grow
and top-grade developers will continue to join MyFaces. The developers respect and admire
Apache products and would like MyFaces to become one. 
 '''(1) scope of the subprojects'''
+As an ASF project, the scope of JavaServer(tm) Faces is broad enough to merit a top-level
project. However, MyFaces may also work well as a subproject of an existing Apache project,
such as Geronimo or Struts. Our initial preference would be to enter as a TLP, but we leave
it to the Incubator PMC and ASF Board to make the final decision.
+MyFaces would likely have three related sub-projects:
  * '''MyFaces JSF API Implementation''' - implementation of the JavaServer(tm) Faces API
(javax.faces.* classes) defined in the specification
  * '''MyFaces JSF Core Implementation''' - the actual JSF implementation, which is the core
of the MyFaces project
  * '''MyFaces Components and Extensions''' - custom JavaServer(tm) Faces components and extensions
to standard components which should ideally run with any JSR-127 conformant JSF implementation
@@ -73,7 +67,7 @@
 Source- and binary downloads can be found at:
 '''(3) identify the ASF resources to be created '''
@@ -85,8 +79,15 @@
 '''(3.2) Subversion or CVS repositories'''
 '''(3.3) Issue Tracking'''
 '''(4) identify the initial set of committers '''
  * Bill Dudney
@@ -106,8 +107,11 @@
  * Martin Marinschek (*)
  * Tryggvi Larusson
  * Steve van den Buys
+ (*) = CLA on file 
 '''(5) identify apache sponsoring individual '''
-James Holmes (Struts Committer/Struts PMC/Jakarta PMC)
+Ted Husted, Champion (ASF Member, Struts PMC, Jakarta PMC)
+James Holmes, Mentor (Struts PMC, Jakarta PMC)

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