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Subject [Incubator Wiki] Updated: MyFacesProposal
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 21:12:56 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-17T14:12:56
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Incubator Wiki
   Page: MyFacesProposal

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Change Log:

@@ -10,6 +10,13 @@
 Additional goals of MyFaces are the encouragement of the community to provide additional
components that can be used in the JavaServer(tm) Faces framework; the sooner an open-source
framework exists in which every developer can contribute, the more components will be written
as open-source and given back to the community.
+It is left for the ASF to decide where MyFaces would fit in with the existing Apache projects,
some possibilities we would agree with would be as a member of Geronimo, Jakarta or an independent
+MyFaces would possibly have three sub-projects fitting together:
+1) MyFaces JSF API implementation
+2) MyFaces Core
+3) MyFaces Components
 '''(0.1) criteria'''
@@ -27,26 +34,45 @@
-The project aims to implement the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request and will therefore
+The project aims to implement the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request and will therefore
be part of the J2EE infrastructure.
 '''(0.2) warning signs'''
 ''Orphaned products: ''
+The project builds on the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request which has just recently
been released in the final version; a status of getting to be an orphaned product will therefore
be highly unlikely.
 ''Inexperience with open source:''
+Several of the project members have already been working as commiters on different open-source
projects, all of them have been using open source in their projects on a daily base.
 ''Homogenous developers:''
+The developer community is - as stated above - very heterogenous, there is no association
with any single organisation/company. Geographically, the community is widespread (mainly
the US and several European countries).
 ''Reliance on salaried developers:''
+Many of the developers are individual volunteers, others get paid to write web-applications
and in using and improving MyFaces they improve their web-applications; so they are not directly
paid to write MyFaces. Some of the developers are helping in the development of MyFaces "just
for fun", some use and improve it for their university studies and research.
 ''No ties to other Apache products:''
+A short look into the MyFaces lib directory will clarify that this assumption cannot hold:
e.g, several commons-projects can be found in this directory. Additionally, MyFaces would
integrate very well with many other projects of the Apache Software Foundation.
 ''A fascination with the Apache brand:''
+The primary aim of moving to Apache as a platform is to establish and strengthen links and
synergies with the existing ASF projects. However, we are believing that we will find an even
larger community of users and developers in moving to Apache; of course the Apache brand can
be of help in this aim - we would this not call "fascination", but a positive valuation of
the name "Apache". 
 '''(1) scope of the subprojects'''
+1) JSF API - implementation of the JavaServer(tm) Faces API defined in the specification
+2) MyFaces Core - all additional source-code which is in the core of the MyFaces project
+3) MyFaces Components - custom JavaServer(tm) Faces components which should possibly run
with any JSF-compatible Framework
 '''(2) identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated'''
+Source- and binary downloads can be found at:
 '''(3) identify the ASF resources to be created '''

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