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Subject [Incubator Wiki] Updated: MyFacesProposal
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:31:43 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-17T13:31:43
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Incubator Wiki
   Page: MyFacesProposal

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Change Log:

@@ -15,13 +15,19 @@
 ''Meritocracy: ''
+The team of MyFaces is very much building on the assumption that the opinion of people who
show more efforts in the ongoing development of the project will be valued higher. 
 ''Community: ''
+MyFaces does already have a very lively community as the project has already been founded
two years ago and the interest for the project has slowly, but steadily increased. Currently
the project is hosted at sourceforge, where 17 developers are inscribed as commiters (around
12 of them are currently active). The two mailing-lists show 55 and 83 inscriptions, respectively,
and are frequented on a day-to-day basis.
 ''Core Developers:''
+The project was founded by two developers, then freelancers, today one of them is an employee
of the OeKB (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG). The project's additional developers recruit
themselves from many different companies and organizations, the work on MyFaces is their individual
+The project aims to implement the JavaServer(tm) Faces specification request and will therefore
 '''(0.2) warning signs'''

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