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Subject cvs commit: incubator/site/learn glossary.xml
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 15:35:18 GMT
nicolaken    2003/11/28 07:35:18

  Modified:    .
               site/learn glossary.xml
  Finally got round to make glossary.xml validate :-)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +1 -46     incubator/
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator/,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  ---	16 Oct 2003 15:33:18 -0000	1.2
  +++	28 Nov 2003 15:35:18 -0000	1.3
  @@ -53,55 +53,10 @@
   # The verbosity level for the entity resolver (1..10)
   # validation properties
  -# These props determine if validation is performed at all
  -# Values are inherited unless overridden.
  -# Eg, if forrest.validate=false, then all others are false unless set to true.
  -# Key:
  -# *.failonerror=(true|false)    stop when an XML file is invalid
  -# *.includes=(pattern)         Comma-separated list of path patterns to validate
  -# *.excludes=(pattern)         Comma-separated list of path patterns to not validate
   # General Forrest properties
  1.4       +48 -62    incubator/site/learn/glossary.xml
  Index: glossary.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator/site/learn/glossary.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.3
  retrieving revision 1.4
  diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
  --- glossary.xml	22 Oct 2003 13:36:15 -0000	1.3
  +++ glossary.xml	28 Nov 2003 15:35:18 -0000	1.4
  @@ -1,43 +1,33 @@
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  -<!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC
  -  "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.1//EN"
  -  "document-v11.dtd">
  +<!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.1//EN" "document-v11.dtd">
       <title>Apache Glossary</title>
         <person name="The Apache Software Foundation"
           email="" />
  -    <notice>This document is a WIP (Work In Progress).</notice>
       <abstract>Definitions of terms bandied about inside Apache.</abstract>
         <title>Glossary of Apache-Related Terms</title>
  -      <todo>Make this doc DTD compliant.</todo>
  -      <warning>This glossary is far from complete, and is being
  -      actively developed.  If you are curious about a term but don't
  +      <note>If you are curious about a term but don't
         see it here, please let the
         <link href="">Incubator team</link>
  -      know so they can add it!</warning>
  +      know so they can add it!</note>
           <dt id="ApacheCon"><strong>ApacheCon</strong></dt>
  -        <dd>The official regular developer and user conference of the
  -        ASF (see the
  -        <link href="http://ApacheCon.Com/">ApacheCon Web site</link>).</dd>
  +        <dd>The official regular developer and user conference of the ASF 
  +        (see the <link href="http://ApacheCon.Com/">ApacheCon Web site</link>).</dd>
           <dt id="ASF"><strong>ASF</strong></dt>
           <dd>The Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit organization.</dd>
           <dt id="Attic"><strong>Attic</strong></dt>
  -        <dd>A special directory in a
  -        <link href="#CVS">CVS</link>
  +        <dd>A special directory in a  <link href="#CVS">CVS</link>
           repository in which 'deleted' files are stored and from which
           they can be restored at need.</dd>
  @@ -61,7 +51,7 @@
           These minutes include all decisions not made in
           <link href="#ExecutiveSession">executive session</link>.
           Also see
  -        <em><link href="#Director">Director</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <link href="#Director"><em>Director</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="Bylaws"><strong>Bylaws</strong></dt>
           <dd>Bylaws are a codification of the rules that some
  @@ -82,7 +72,7 @@
           <dt id="Cemetery"><strong>Cemetery</strong></dt>
  -        <dd>See <em><link href="#Graveyard">Graveyard</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <dd>See <link href="#Graveyard"><em>Graveyard</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="Chair"><strong>Chair</strong></dt>
           <dd><strong>1.</strong> The Chair of the
  @@ -112,10 +102,10 @@
           use <link href="#CVS">CVS</link>
           to handle the collaborative versioning control over the code.
           The ability to make direct changes to the code that exists under
  -        CVS control is called <emphasis>commit access</emphasis>
  +        CVS control is called <em>commit access</em>
           (from the <code>cvs commit</code> command). This process
           patches the actual official code.
  -        Also see <em><link href="#Karma">Karma</link></em>.</dd>
  +        Also see <link href="#Karma"><em>Karma</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="Committer"><strong>Committer</strong></dt>
           <dd>An individual who has been granted the privilege of being
  @@ -139,7 +129,7 @@
           lack of mandatory review it may permit more bugs through
           than the
           <link href="#ReviewThenCommit">R-T-C</link> alternative.  Compare
  -        <em><link href="#ReviewThenCommit">Review-Then-Commit</link></em>,
  +        <link href="#ReviewThenCommit"><em>Review-Then-Commit</em></link>,
           and see the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.</dd>
  @@ -156,8 +146,8 @@
             <link href="#Vote">vote</link>
             (sense 1) which has completed with
             <strong>at least three binding +1 votes</strong> and
  -          <strong>no <link href="#Veto">vetos</link></strong>.
  -          <em><link href="#MajorityApproval">majority approval</link></em>.
  +          <strong>no</strong> <link href="#Veto">vetos</link>.
  +          <link href="#MajorityApproval"><em>majority approval</em></link>.
           <dt id="Contributor"><strong>Contributor</strong></dt>
  @@ -185,7 +175,7 @@
           <dt id="Darwinism"><strong>Darwinism</strong></dt>
  -          <em><link href="#SoftwareDarwinism">Software Darwinism</link></em>.
  +          <link href="#SoftwareDarwinism"><em>Software Darwinism</em></link>.
           <dt id="Developer"><strong>Developer</strong></dt>
  @@ -215,7 +205,7 @@
           <dt id="Evolution"><strong>Evolution</strong></dt>
  -        <em><link href="#Revolution">revolution</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <link href="#Revolution"><em>revolution</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="ExecutiveSession"><strong>Executive Session</strong></dt>
           <dd>A portion of a
  @@ -264,19 +254,15 @@
           <strong>3.</strong> Any combination of senses 1 and two; they are
           indirectly related.</dd>
  -        <dt id="LazyConsensus">
  -          <strong>
  -            <anchor id="LazyApproval"/>
  -            Lazy consensus
  -          </strong>
  +        <dt id="LazyConsensus"><strong>Lazy consensus</strong>
           <dd>(Also called 'lazy approval'.)  A decision-making policy
           which assumes general consent if no responses are
           posted within a defined period.  For example, "I'm going to
           commit this by lazy consensus if no-one objects within the
           next three days."  Also see
  -        <em><link href="#ConsensusApproval">consensus approval</link></em>,
  -        <em><link href="#MajorityApproval">majority approval</link></em>,
  +        <link href="#ConsensusApproval"><em>consensus approval</em></link>,
  +        <link href="#MajorityApproval"><em>majority approval</em></link>,
           and the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.</dd>
  @@ -295,7 +281,7 @@
             a -1 vote is simply a vote against, <strong>not</strong> a
             <link href="#Veto">veto</link>.
  -          <em><link href="#ConsensusApproval">consensus approval</link></em>.
  +          <link href="#ConsensusApproval"><em>consensus approval</em></link>.
             See also the description of the
             <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.
  @@ -317,13 +303,13 @@
           such as those below; however, it can probably be summed up
           as the combination of the worth of one's accomplishments
           and the respect of one's peers.
  -        <p/>
  -        <ul>
  -          <li>technical competence</li>
  -          <li>ability to get along with others</li>
  -          <li>positive contributions to discussions and code</li>
  -        </ul>
  -        <p/>
  +        <br/>
  +        <br/>- technical competence
  +        <br/>- ability to get along with others
  +        <br/>- positive contributions to discussions and code
  +        <br/>
           The acquisition of merit is a cumulative process; once
           acquired, it doesn't decay.  It is possible to lose
           merit, though, by violating the community ethics, guidelines,
  @@ -345,22 +331,21 @@
             >IETF RFC 1855</link>;
           for the more specific Apache environment, it boils down to
           things like:
  -        <p/>
  -        <ul>
  -          <li>don't flame</li>
  -          <li>lurk for a while after joining a list before
  +        <br/>
  +        <br/>- don't flame
  +        <br/>- lurk for a while after joining a list before
             posting; this allows you to get a feel for the personalities,
             attitudes, and issues, as well as existing rules for
  -          acceptable behaviour</li>
  -          <li>be aware of the
  +          acceptable behaviour
  +        <br/>- be aware of the
             <link href="#Project">project</link>'s/list's
  -          guidelines (such as on
  -          voting), and don't violate them</li>
  -          <li>if you have a question, search the list archives and
  +          guidelines (such as on voting), and don't violate them
  +        <br/>- if you have a question, search the list archives and
             the bug database before asking what may have already been
  -          answered</li>
  -        </ul>
  -        <p/>
  +          answered>
  +        <br/>
           These are just the rough outline of things that may be more
           (or less) the rule on a <em>per</em>-list basis.  They boil down
           to 'be polite' and 'don't make unnecessary work for others'.</dd>
  @@ -384,7 +369,7 @@
           its actions are considered to be on behalf of the
           Foundation, with all the legal protections and
           responsibilities implied.  See
  -        <em><link href="#Indemnification">Indemnification</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <link href="#Indemnification"><em>Indemnification</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="Podling"><strong>Podling</strong></dt>
  @@ -417,7 +402,7 @@
           requires that all changes receive
           <link href="#ConsensusApproval">consensus approval</link>
           in order to be committed.  Compare
  -        <em><link href="#CommitThenReview">Commit-Then-Review</link></em>,
  +        <link href="#CommitThenReview"><em>Commit-Then-Review</em></link>,
           and see the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.</dd>
  @@ -443,7 +428,7 @@
           '<link href="rules-for-revolutionaries.html"
              >Rules for Revolutionaries</link>'
           and compare
  -        <em><link href="#Evolution">evolution</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <link href="#Evolution"><em>evolution</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="SoftwareDarwinism">
  @@ -472,7 +457,7 @@
           <dt id="SVN"><strong>SVN</strong></dt>
  -        <dd>See <em><link href="#Subversion">Subversion</link></em>.</dd>
  +        <dd>See <link href="#Subversion"><em>Subversion</em></link>.</dd>
           <dt id="Treasurer"><strong>Treasurer</strong></dt>
           <dd>The treasurer of the
  @@ -528,18 +513,19 @@
             vote for foo will close in three days.')
             <strong>2.</strong> The expression of a positive or negative opinion,
             or a veto, as part of a formal decision.  ('My vote
  -          is -1 because foo smells bad.')
  -          <p><strong>Binding votes</strong> are those cast by
  +          is -1 because foo smells bad.')<br/>
  +          <strong>Binding votes</strong> are those cast by
             committers in the
             <link href="#Project">project</link> or on the
             <link href="#Codebase">codebase</link>
             to which
             the decision applies.  Votes cast by others are
  -          advisory or indicative only.</p>
  +          advisory or indicative only.
  +          <br/>
             See also
  -          <em><link href="#ConsensusApproval">consensus approval</link></em>,
  -          <em><link href="#MajorityApproval">majority approval</link></em>,
  -          <em><link href="#LazyConsensus">lazy consensus</link></em>,
  +          <link href="#ConsensusApproval"><em>consensus approval</em></link>,
  +          <link href="#MajorityApproval"><em>majority approval</em></link>,
  +          <link href="#LazyConsensus"><em>lazy consensus</em></link>,
             and the description of the
             <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.

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