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Subject cvs commit: incubator/site howtoparticipate.xml howtoparticipate.cwiki
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 10:45:31 GMT
nicolaken    2003/11/12 02:45:31

  Added:       site     howtoparticipate.xml
  Removed:     site     howtoparticipate.cwiki
  New and improved docs about how to partecipate.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  incubator/site/howtoparticipate.xml
  Index: howtoparticipate.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.1//EN" "document-v11.dtd">
        <title>How to Participate</title>
           <title>Check this first</title>
           <p>Before doing anything, we encourage you to read the incubator website
and in particular
              our "About" documents.</p>
              <p>If you have other questions, feel free to post them on</p>

            <p>If you want to help in the development of a specific <link href="site:projects">Incubated
              refer to its development mailing list; the Incubator mailing lists are for project
              incubation, not development.</p>  
              <p>In case of generic Project development questions, there is</p>
           <title>Incubator Project resources</title>
           <fixme author="nicolaken">Check that all Incubator project resources are
             <title>Mailing lists</title>
             <p>As with everything else in Apache, most of what goes on happens or is
                on electronic mailing lists. Here are the lists associated with this project,

                and their purposes.</p>
               <p>This is where general and public discussion of things about the project

                  take place. It's also where follow-up messages sent in reply to cvs commit

                  reports get sent (see the next list). There is a 'digest' form of this list,

                  which collects individual messages and sends the collection when enough
                  accumulated or a given amount of time has passed since the last digest.

                  Anyone may subscribe; only subscribers may post.</p>
                  <li>To subscribe, send a message to</li>
                  <li>To subscribe to the digest, send a message to</li>
                  <li>To unsubscribe, send a message to</li>
  	         <p>This is the development mailing list for some of the projects in incubation.

  	            Anyone may subscribe; only subscribers may post.</p>
  	            <li>To subscribe, send a message to</li>
  	            <li>To unsubscribe, send a message to</li>
  	         <p>When changes are made to the code repository, the details are automatically
sent to this list. Its Reply-To is set to the 'general' list, so if you reply to a cvs message
that's where your reply is going to end up. Anyone may subscribe; only subscribers may post.</p>
  	            <li>To subscribe, send a message to</li>
  	            <li>To unsubscribe, send a message to</li>
  	         <p>This is the list to which you should be subscribed if you want to be
  	            apprised of significant events or milestones in the project's activities, but

  	            don't want to track the full traffic in the 'general' list. Anyone may subscribe;

  	            all posts are moderated.</p>
  	            <li>To subscribe, send a message to</li>
  	            <li>To unsubscribe, send a message to</li>
  	            <li>This is a private list for the project management committee. It is
not open to general subscription.</li>
           <title>Updating the site</title>
             <p>To generate the website one needs to get 
                <link href="ext:apache/projects/xml/forrest">Apache Forrest</link>
and install it.</p>
             <p>Editors can edit the pages without generating the site, and just validate
                xml with a validating editor before committing. For the wiki pages it's plain
                text, so it's easier. Ones with Forrest installed (currently nicolaken) and
                after the Forrestbot will take care of doing builds, fixing eventual errors
                and updating the site.
           <p>In any case, if someone wants to check the look of the pages, do this:</p>
  	         <title>Download Forrest</title>
  	         <!-- nicolaken: currently (20031112) CVS version os needed -->
  	         <link href="Apache Forrest!">Apache Forrest!</link>-->
  	         <p>Download and install CVS <link href="ext:apache/projects/xml/forrest">Apache
  	           <li>get or update xml-forrest from CVS</li>
   	           <li>run the build script</li>
   	           <li>set FORREST_HOME to point to the build/dist/shbat</li>
   	           <li>add build/dist/shbat/bin to the PATH</li>
    cvs login
    (press enter)
    cvs checkout xml-forrest
    cd xml-forrest
    export FORREST_HOME=`pwd`/build/dist/shbat:$PATH
    export PATH=`pwd`/build/dist/shbat/bin:$PATH]]>
  	         <title>Download incubator</title>
  	         <p>Download the 
  	         <code>incubator</code> CVS module. <code>incubator</code>
contains the main Incubator site sources,
  	         the incubator-site the final site contents.</p>
  	           <li>get or update "incubator" from CVS</li>
  	         <p>Continuing from the previous example:</p>
    cd ..
    cvs checkout incubator
    cvs checkout incubator-site
  	         <title>Make your changes</title>
  	         <p>Edit the XML docs in <code>incubator/site/</code>. If you
are not familiar with DTDs, 
  	         the syntax is best learned 
  	         <link href="*checkout*/xml-forrest/src/documentation/content/xdocs/document-v11.xml?rev=HEAD&amp;amp;content-type=text/xml.html">
  	         by example</link>.</p>
  	         <p>From the Forrest site, 
  	         <link href="">here is quite
a complete example of the xml format</link>
  	         , and 
  	         <link href="">here of the
wiki format</link>.</p>
  	         <p>If you add a new page or change a page's name, update 
  	         <code>site.xml</code>, from which the menu is generated. More details
can be found 
  	         <link href="">in Forrest's
  	         <p>In essence:</p>
  	 	       <li>cd into the local "incubator" CVS dir</li>
   	           <li>execute "forrest run"</li>
   	           <li>point the browser to http://localhost:8888/ to see the site</li>
   	           <li>edit the docs <strong>in place</strong> and see changes
in the browser by reloading the page</li>
  	         <title>Render the site</title>
  	         <p>In the <code>incubator</code>; directory, type 'forrest'
to render the HTML and PDF 
  	         files in <code>build/site</code>. Forrest validates the XML, so will
catch any syntax errors.</p>
  	         <p>Do this only if you are going to update the site yourself. If not, sumple
use a validating
  	         parser and commit the changes or send the patch.</p>
  	         <p>You can also simply validate docs without rendering doing a</p>
  	         <source>  forrest validate</source> 
  	         <title>Submit or commit the change</title>
  	         <p>If the site built without errors, you have to synch the <code>incubator/build/site</code>
  	           dir with <code>incubator-site/build/site</code>. To do this you
can use the <code>build.xml</code>
  	           script by invoking Ant</p>
  	           <source>  ant </source>
  	         <p>You can now make a patch with the command 
  	         <code>cvs diff -u &gt; incubator-site.diff</code> in the <code>incubator-site/</code>
  	          directory, and submit it to the mailing list, starting with '<code>[PATCH]</code>'
in the email subject.</p>
  	         <p>Incubator committers can just commit the contents of <code>build/site</code>
(after checking it is okay!).</p>
           <title>Project-specific resources</title>
           <p>Some <link href="site:projects">projects</link> under incubation
have their own mailing lists, 
           or their development discussion occurs on the mailing list of another project.
Check out 
           the project websites to be sure what mailing list is the right one.</p>
  	         <title>Subproject Website Howto</title>
               <p>Do not use the "incubator" CVS module for project docs, but the module
                  the specific project.</p>
  <p>Check-in the generated pages in the "incubator-site" CVS module under
  <p>When the site is updated from CVS (it's once a day) it will be live.</p>
        </section>      </section>

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