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Subject cvs commit: incubator-site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/drafts glossary.xml
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 21:45:37 GMT
coar        2002/11/28 13:45:37

  Modified:    .
               src/documentation skinconf.xml
               src/documentation/content/xdocs/drafts glossary.xml
  	fixups to supposedly make the site build with the latest forrest..
  Submitted by:	Jeff Turner
  Reviewed by:	Ken Coar
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +3 -0      incubator-site/
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator-site/,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  ---	28 Oct 2002 17:42:17 -0000	1.1
  +++	28 Nov 2002 21:45:37 -0000	1.2
  @@ -24,3 +24,6 @@
  +# See
  1.2       +0 -14     incubator-site/src/documentation/skinconf.xml
  Index: skinconf.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator-site/src/documentation/skinconf.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- skinconf.xml	28 Oct 2002 17:42:17 -0000	1.1
  +++ skinconf.xml	28 Nov 2002 21:45:37 -0000	1.2
  @@ -70,19 +70,5 @@
     <!-- Credits are typically rendered as a set of small clickable images in the
     page footer -->
  -    <credit>
  -      <name>Built with Cocoon</name>
  -      <url></url>
  -      <image>skin/images/built-with-cocoon.gif</image>
  -      <width>88</width>
  -      <height>31</height>
  -    </credit>
  -    <credit>
  -      <name>Krysalis Centipede</name>
  -      <url></url>
  -      <image>skin/images/centipede-logo-small.gif</image>
  -      <width>138</width>
  -      <height>31</height>
  -    </credit>
  1.11      +49 -50    incubator-site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/drafts/glossary.xml
  Index: glossary.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/incubator-site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/drafts/glossary.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- glossary.xml	10 Nov 2002 03:04:06 -0000	1.10
  +++ glossary.xml	28 Nov 2002 21:45:37 -0000	1.11
  @@ -26,25 +26,25 @@
         know so they can add it!</warning>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="ApacheCon"/>ApacheCon</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="ApacheCon"><strong>ApacheCon</strong></dt>
           <dd>The official regular developer and user conference of the
           ASF (see the
           <link href="http://ApacheCon.Com/">ApacheCon Web site</link>).</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="ASF"/>ASF</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="ASF"><strong>ASF</strong></dt>
           <dd>The Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit organization.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Attic"/>Attic</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Attic"><strong>Attic</strong></dt>
           <dd>A special directory in a
           <link href="#CVS">CVS</link>
           repository in which 'deleted' files are stored and from which
           they can be restored at need.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Board"/>Board</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Board"><strong>Board</strong></dt>
           <dd>The nine-person legal governing body of the ASF,
           elected by the members.  [duties?]</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Bylaws"/>Bylaws</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Bylaws"><strong>Bylaws</strong></dt>
           <dd>Bylaws are a codification of the rules that some
           organisation follows.  Some, such as the
           <link href=""
  @@ -60,10 +60,10 @@
           parts in the organisation bylaws are necessarily null and
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Cemetery"/>Cemetery</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Cemetery"><strong>Cemetery</strong></dt>
           <dd>See <em><link href="#Graveyard">Graveyard</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Chair"/>Chair</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Chair"><strong>Chair</strong></dt>
           <dd><strong>1.</strong> The Chair of the
           <link href="#Board">Board</link>
  @@ -76,10 +76,10 @@
           such as a
           <link href="#PMC">project management committee</link>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Codebase"/>Codebase</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Codebase"><strong>Codebase</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="CommitAccess"/>Commit access</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="CommitAccess"><strong>Commit access</strong></dt>
           <dd>Currently, ASF projects use <link href="#CVS">CVS</link>
           to handle the collaborative versioning control over the code.
           The ability to make direct changes to the code that exists under
  @@ -89,14 +89,14 @@
           patches the actual offical code.
           Also see <em><link href="#Karma">Karma</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Committer"/>Committer</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Committer"><strong>Committer</strong></dt>
           <dd>An individual who has been granted the privilege of being
           able to directly commit changes to an Apache codebase
           (<link href="#CommitAccess">commit access</link>).</dd>
  -        <dt>
  +        <dt id="CommitThenReview">
  -            <anchor id="CommitThenReview"/>Commit-then-Review
  +            Commit-then-Review
           <dd>(Often abbreviated 'CTR' or 'C-T-R'.)  A policy governing
  @@ -114,12 +114,12 @@
           and see the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link></dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Community"/>Community</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Community"><strong>Community</strong></dt>
  -        <dt>
  +        <dt id="ConsensusApproval">
  -            <anchor id="ConsensusApproval"/>Consensus Approval
  +            Consensus Approval
  @@ -131,7 +131,7 @@
             <em><link href="#MajorityApproval">majority approval</link></em>.
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Contributor"/>Contributor</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Contributor"><strong>Contributor</strong></dt>
           <dd>Someone who makes consistent improvements to the entities
           under an
           <link href="#ASF">ASF</link>
  @@ -143,7 +143,7 @@
           <link href="#Vote">voted</link>
           on for such access.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="CVS"/>CVS</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="CVS"><strong>CVS</strong></dt>
           <dd>The Concurrent Versioning System, a code management system
           used extensively by the
           <link href="#ASF">ASF</link>.
  @@ -153,19 +153,19 @@
           by many developers.  Almost all of the Foundation's code
           is stored in CVS repositories.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Darwinism"/>Darwinism</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Darwinism"><strong>Darwinism</strong></dt>
             <em><link href="#SoftwareDarwinism">Software Darwinism</link></em>.
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Developer"/>Developer</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Developer"><strong>Developer</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Director"/>Director</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Director"><strong>Director</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Emeritus"/>Emeritus</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Emeritus"><strong>Emeritus</strong></dt>
           <dd>A term used to formally designate someone as no longer active,
           but still entitled to all of the rights and privileges of the
           position.  For example, an ASF member who hasn't attended
  @@ -174,12 +174,12 @@
           may declare itself emeritus.  Emeritus status indicates
           interest but not activity, as opposed to having resigned.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Evolution"/>Evolution</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Evolution"><strong>Evolution</strong></dt>
           <em><link href="#Revolution">revolution</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Graveyard"/>Graveyard</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Graveyard"><strong>Graveyard</strong></dt>
           <dd>A location where discontinued, abandoned, and retired
           <link href="#Codebase">codebases</link>
  @@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
           posterity, reference, and potential future re-activation,
           while keeping it clearly distinct from active work.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Hackathon"/>Hackathon</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Hackathon"><strong>Hackathon</strong></dt>
           <dd>Informal event at which ASF participants can get together,
           network, and discuss/argue/hack/prototype according to
           their interests.  Hackathons are open to all
  @@ -198,13 +198,13 @@
           <link href="#ApacheCon">ApacheCon</link>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Hibernation"/>Hibernation</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Hibernation"><strong>Hibernation</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Indemnification"/>Indemnification</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Indemnification"><strong>Indemnification</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Karma"/>Karma</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Karma"><strong>Karma</strong></dt>
           <dd><strong>1.</strong> Sufficient access to perform an operation,
           such as committing changes to a CVS module.  ("Please grant
           Yo Mega karma to the foo-bar CVS module.")
  @@ -233,9 +233,9 @@
           and the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.</dd>
  -        <dt>
  +        <dt id="MajorityApproval">
  -            <anchor id="MajorityApproval"/>Majority Approval
  +            Majority Approval
  @@ -253,7 +253,7 @@
             <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Member"/>Member</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Member"><strong>Member</strong></dt>
           <dd>An individual who has been elected to membership in
           the ASF by the existing members.  Membership benefits
           include having a legal voice in the functioning of the
  @@ -261,7 +261,7 @@
           <link href="#ApacheCon">ApacheCon</link> events,
           and [...?].</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Merit"/>Merit</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Merit"><strong>Merit</strong></dt>
           <dd>The concept of 'merit' is central to the Apache
           philosophy and community methodology.  Merit is a qualitative
           and subjective term, referring essentially to attributes
  @@ -280,14 +280,14 @@
           merit, though, by violating the community ethics, guidelines,
           or sensibilities.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Meritocracy"/>Meritocracy</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Meritocracy"><strong>Meritocracy</strong></dt>
           <dd>Meritocracy is one of the principles underlying the
           ASF and its philosophy.  As it has been put, 'the more you do
           the more you are allowed to do.'  As a person acquires merit,
           his or her stature in the community grows, and (to a certain extent)
           the weight given to his or her opinions.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Netiquette"/>Netiquette</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Netiquette"><strong>Netiquette</strong></dt>
           <dd>Netiquette is the term applied to the common rules of
           good online behaviour.  For the general case, it is defined in
           <link href=""
  @@ -312,14 +312,14 @@
           (or less) the rule on a <em>per</em>-list basis.  They boil down
           to 'be polite' and 'don't make unnecessary work for others'.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Officer"/>Officer</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Officer"><strong>Officer</strong></dt>
           <dd>An individual appointed by the ASF Board of Directors and
           given specific authority over and responsibility for some
           portion of the Foundation's activities.  An officer may or
           may not be a <link href="#Board">director</link> of
           the Foundation.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="PMC"/>PMC</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="PMC"><strong>PMC</strong></dt>
           <dd>Project Management Committee, the group of people
           with formal oversight of a project.  The chair of a
           PMC is always an <link href="#Officer">officer</link>
  @@ -331,25 +331,25 @@
           responsibilities implied.  See
           <em><link href="#Indemnification">Indemnification</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Podling"/>Podling</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Podling"><strong>Podling</strong></dt>
           <dd>A codebase and its community while in the process of being
           incubated.  See the description of the
           <link href="../process.html#Podling">incubation process</link>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="President"/>President</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="President"><strong>President</strong></dt>
           <dd>Primary executive officer of the
           <link href="#ASF">ASF</link>, seriving at the direction of the
           <link href="#Board">Board</link>.  [duties?]</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Project"/>Project</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Project"><strong>Project</strong></dt>
           <dd>In the Apache Software Foundation, the term '<em>project</em>'
           typically refers to a community focussed on one or more
           <link href="#Codebase">codebases</link>, overseen by
           a <link href="#PMC">PMC</link>.</dd>
  -        <dt>
  +        <dt id="ReviewThenCommit">
  -            <anchor id="ReviewThenCommit"/>Review-Then-Commit
  +            Review-Then-Commit
           <dd>(Often referenced as 'RTC' or 'R-T-C'.)  Commit policy which
  @@ -360,7 +360,7 @@
           and see the description of the
           <link href="voting.html">voting process</link>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Revolution"/>Revolution</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Revolution"><strong>Revolution</strong></dt>
           <dd>In the Apache environment, some communities may decide
           to permit (or encourage) <em>revolutions</em> as ways of
           reconciling differences, particularly code changes which
  @@ -383,9 +383,8 @@
           and compare
           <em><link href="#Evolution">evolution</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt>
  +      <dt id="SoftwareDarwinism">
  -            <anchor id="SoftwareDarwinism"/>
               Software Darwinism
  @@ -395,13 +394,13 @@
           processes inherent in the Apache peer-review environment support
           this idea.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Subversion"/>Subversion</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Subversion"><strong>Subversion</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="SVN"/>SVN</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="SVN"><strong>SVN</strong></dt>
           <dd>See <em><link href="#Subversion">Subversion</link></em>.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Treasurer"/>Treasurer</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Treasurer"><strong>Treasurer</strong></dt>
           <dd>The treasurer of the
           <link href="#ASF">ASF</link>
           is an
  @@ -415,10 +414,10 @@
           <link href="#Director">director</link>,
           though the r&ocirc;le is often filled by someone who is.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="User"/>User</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="User"><strong>User</strong></dt>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Veto"/>Veto</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Veto"><strong>Veto</strong></dt>
           <dd>According to the Apache methodology, a change which
           has been made or proposed may be made moot through the
           exercise of a veto by a committer to the codebase in question.
  @@ -436,7 +435,7 @@
           code changes; they do not apply to procedural issues
           such as software releases.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Vice-President"/>Vice-President</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Vice-President"><strong>Vice-President</strong></dt>
           <dd><link href="#ASF">ASF</link>
           vice-presidents are
           <link href="#Officer">officers</link>
  @@ -447,7 +446,7 @@
           are vice-presidents given charge of the proper operation
           of their projects.</dd>
  -        <dt><strong><anchor id="Vote"/>Vote</strong></dt>
  +        <dt id="Vote"><strong>Vote</strong></dt>
             <strong>1.</strong> The process of making a formal decision.  ('The
             vote for foo will close in three days.')

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