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From Durand Van Arnem <>
Subject Automating cTAKES pipeline
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2012 18:16:32 GMT


I am getting started with cTAKES and need a nudge in the right direction.  I am developing
a proof of concept, and what I'd like to accomplish is to have the cTAKES pipeline (like the
AggregatePlaintextProcessor) running as a service so I can write code that will discover plain
text documents, send them to the service, and get annotations back.  I just need to use cTAKES;
I am not planning on extending it at this point.

I followed the cTAKES user installation guide and worked through the demos; they are straightforward
and I can see all the annotations in the UI.

To automate the annotation process, it seems like I have these options:

1. Use the UIMA simple server to host cTAKES as in the example in the simple server user guide
 I think this is my preferred solution; however, I am not sure how to generate a cTAKES PEAR.

2. Create a web service that calls cTAKES.jar (I am not sure what this would look like - do
I create an app that loads the cTAKES AE XML file like this:

   2a. Create a command-line interface that calls cTAKES.jar

3. Use cTAKES GUI (  This appears
to have done some of the work to wrap cTAKES; however, I can't tell if it's an active project
(last update was at least 5 months ago, and it is using cTAKES 2.0).  Also, the instructions
don't seem to match the download (I can't find a WAR in the download package).

Can you recommend one of these approaches or an alternative and point me in the right direction?

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