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From Andy McMurry <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Where should cTAKES models live?
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 18:04:58 GMT
+1 vote for Option #2
 "models in ASF repo in a separate module" 

On Mar 15, 2013, at 8:39 AM, "Chen, Pei" <> wrote:

> Just to recap:
> We dodged this issue in the 3.0 release by removing the models in src and bin from the
ASF distributions (I think this is something that is better answered by the cTAKES community
as a TLP rather than the IPMC). This came about because there were concerns raised by the
Incubator community so I decided to remove the models from the 3.0 branch, but I left trunk
as-is pending this discussion just to move things forward.
> As our mentors pointed out in the discussion [1], ASF is not a top down organization
and we will most likely not get any official answer from anyone "above".  Once cTAKES is a
TLP, I believe it would be up to the cTAKES community as  "*individuals* as part of a PMC
(who are the ones that *release* the software) are, and are not able to do, and what risk
they are and are not able to (implied) take on, and perform, within their community".
> So the question is: What should we do with the model files?  Some options include:
> 1)      Leave them in SourceForge/Maven Central.  Maven can download and include them
in the convenience binaries in the ctakes-distribution project. Something we did quickly for
3.0, but needs to be improved if we go with this approach.  For example: [2]
> 2)      Leave them in the ASF repo, but separate modules/projects.
> 3)      Keep them in the same respective ASF modules under /src/main/resources
> I think it's nice to keep these fairly large (~1GB) and static resource files separate
from the source code (Either option 1 or 2).  Also, option 1 will require a little more work
by the committers/release managers but will definitely avoid any licensing issues/concerns.
> [1]
> [2];quick~ctakesresources :
> <dependency>
>  <groupId>net.sourceforge.ctakesresources</groupId>
>  <artifactId>ctakes-resources-assertion</artifactId>
>  <version>3.1.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
> </dependency>
> <dependency>
>  <groupId>net.sourceforge.ctakesresources</groupId>
>  <artifactId>ctakes-resources-core</artifactId>
>  <version>3.1.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
> </dependency>

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