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From "Miller, Timothy" <>
Subject Re: Concepts arenot detected
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 13:00:33 GMT
It may have something to do with the configuration files for the dictionary lookup.  There
are a lot of things in the UMLS that cTAKES filters out by UMLS Type.  If you look in the
dictionary project, the LookupDesc_Db.xml has a section of properties for the UMLS consumer,
and there is a set of types that are included for each semantic group.  For example, the "procedure"
group has a property "proceduretuis" that includes the types T059, T060, T061.  Looking in
the UMLS browser, I couldn't find a TUI for "temperature" that the filter will allow.  You
can experiment with those types to get more permissive concept labeling.  You can explore
the semantic types using the Semantic Network Browser in the UMLS Terminology services.


On Feb 7, 2013, at 5:33 AM, Shady Hussein wrote:

> Hi,
>  Some concepts are not detected by cTAKES. I want to understand if the
> problem is in the UMLS dictionary or it is something else. In my opinion
> they are very basic things.
> Consider the following example
> Temperature 97.5 , heart rate 90 , blood pressure 104/80 , respiratory rate
> 18 .
> Here Temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate arenot annotated as
> Concept. Is there a way to annotate them or enhance the dictionary lookup ?
> -- 
> Thanks and best Regards,
> Shady AbdelAziz

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