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From "Bleeker, Troy C." <>
Subject RE: [RESULT] [VOTE] Apache cTAKES 3.0.0-incubating RC4 release
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 22:06:49 GMT
For what it's worth the documentation is not ready. I should finally be able to get back to
this tomorrow.

We at least should have only on location, so tomorrow I'll remove the wiki pages that have
text and make it so that the wiki points to the confluence site. There was one person that
reviewed the 3.0 developer install doc and made changes. There are still quite a number of
highlighted areas that need attention in the install and the components doc. I never was able
to get through the developer install instructions completely from scratch and do a build.
The doc is basically still the 2.5 stuff copied over minus all the pictures. Would be nice
to get at least a few keys ones of those back in especially for the user install instructions.
The User install guide I have not tried to see how similar it is yet either. If it is different
for 3.0 then that is not ready either. Is complete and reviewed documentation a qualification
for publishing a release on Apache?

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From: []
On Behalf Of Chen, Pei
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 3:58 PM
Subject: [RESULT] [VOTE] Apache cTAKES 3.0.0-incubating RC4 release

More than 72 hours has passed with 5 +1 votes.  
I suggest we call a vote on general@ to get one more binding vote.

Chris Mattman (Binding)
Jörn Kottmann (Binding)
Pei Chen
James Masanz
Sean Murphy

No other votes were received.

Thanks for all who voted and reviewed the release.

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> From: Chen, Pei []
> Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 6:14 PM
> To:
> Subject: [VOTE] Apache cTAKES 3.0.0-incubating RC4 release
> Hi Folks,
> I have posted a 4th release candidate for the Apache cTAKES 
> 3.0.0-incubating release.
> This will be the first incubator release and a requirement for our 
> graduation roadmap.
> The main changes since the last candidate include:
> (Move UMLS out of 
> Apache distribution)
> (Unexpected end of 
> file in
> (DrugNER - Lucene 
> Drug Index too old exception)
> (Add example sentence 
> to readme using words from toy dictionary)
> (Term spotting 
> pipelines returning 'unknown' classifications)
> For more detailed information on the changes/release notes, please visit:
> 621
> &version=12322969
> The release was made using the cTAKES release process documented here:
> The candidate is available at:
> incubating/rc4/target/apache-ctakes-3.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz
> The tag to be voted on:
> incubating-rc4/
> The MD5 checksum of the tarball can be found at:
> incubating/rc4/target/apache-ctakes-3.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz.md5
> The signature of the tarball can be found at:
> incubating/rc4/target/apache-ctakes-3.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz.asc
> Apache cTAKES' KEYS file, containing the PGP keys used to sign the release:
> incubating-rc4/KEYS
> Please vote on releasing these packages as Apache cTAKES 3.0.0-incubating.
> The vote is open for at least the next 72 hours.
> Only votes from Incubator PMC are binding, but folks are welcome to 
> check the release candidate and voice their approval or disapproval. 
> The vote passes if at least three binding +1 votes are cast.
> [ ] +1 Release the packages as Apache cTAKES 3.0.0-incubating
> [ ] -1 Do not release the packages because...
> Thanks!
> Pei
> P.S. Here is my +1.

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