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From "Wu, Stephen T., Ph.D." <>
Subject SHARPKnowtatorXMLReader
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 18:43:43 GMT
So back to the issue of the reading in Knowtator XML data...

I've been looking at your (Steve B's) code, and it seems like it's been
written so that everything hinges on Annotations subtypes being created for
everything.  Are these type system barriers the main problems with
connecting relations and attributes to their corresponding NEs?  (There is a
layer that does not seem to be happening -- namely, that the values of NE
attributes/relations don't get populated.  I don't fully understand the
DelayedFeatures but assume that they would work if the types were set?)

  1. We haven't created the LabMention, ProcedureMention,
AnatomicalSiteMention, DiseaseDisorderMention, and SignSymptomMention types
that we had planned to, yet!  Or at least, they're not checked in.

  2. We also haven't created comprehensive Annotations for modifiers.

Who has the authority to add these, as appears to have been agreed upon by
everyone?  I am not clear on the process for managing the type system these
 - SHARP SDG (in original SHARP plans -- though I'm not a member)?
 - Apache ctakes-dev (as most other stuff these days)?
 - Me and James (what it's mostly been for the type system thus far)?

E.g., could Steve B. or anyone else on this list add them, esp. since
they've been discussed?  I could do it too, but it seems like
relation/attribute functionality in SHARPKnowtatorXMLReader has been held up
a long time because we're confused about who can change the type system.


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