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From Steven Bethard <steven.beth...@Colorado.EDU>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] What should we do with cTAKES resources?
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 13:42:27 GMT
On Nov 2, 2012, at 10:46 PM, "Chen, Pei" <> wrote:
> I think we postponed this topic previously and since the ASF code seems to be in decent
shape now, I think it's time to revisit this discussion for the longer term.
> Currently, we have the below resources bundled with our source code and distribution
> -          UMLS dictionaries (hsqldb format and in lucene indexes)
> -          Models (which were okay be to release opened source) that have been train
from various clinical data
> -          Wikipedia index
> What are our options as ASF source code, binaries, models, dependencies all need to be
compliant with ASL 2.0 (
> 1)      Leave things as they are, but we need to confirm with the sources and also will
probably need to seek approval from Apache Legal for each of the resources
> 2)      Host the resources externally such as SourceForge similar to OpenNLP models (
> a.       Single zip per release for users to download?
> Option 2 seems the least painful in terms of compliance.
> Since 3.0.0-incubating, each resource has a fully qualified name/path and is read from
the classpath so it should be fairly easy if we decided to pull it in from external sources.

My vote would be that, for each resource of any significant size, we create a separate module.
So for example, we might have a ctakes-dictionary-lookup-umls-index module, a ctakes-dependency-parser-clearparser-model
module, a ctakes-dependency-parser-clearparser-srl-model [1], etc.

These modules would be `mvn release`d like other modules, except that we'd release them with
their own licenses not to the Apache repository but to Maven Central via Sonatype OSS (

This would mean that people could still declare normal Maven dependencies on the dictionaries,
models, etc.

And if we ever resolved the licensing issues with any of these, we could simply add the module
back to the regular Apache distribution.


[1] These names are a bit confusing because cTAKES conflates dependency parsing and semantic
role labeling, but that's a totally different issue.
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