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From "Coarr, Matt" <>
Subject RE: latest build instructions
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:33:23 GMT
Ok, so I have the latest m2e (, I have the latest code from apache svn
(svn info reports my working copy is at r1403392), and this builds fine from the command line
using "mvn compile" or "mvn package".

Then I ran "mvn clean" and removed ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/ctakes.

Now I'm trying to get eclipse to work correctly.  I imported my working directory into eclipse
and all my projects show up there.

Then I right clicked on the ctakes-type-system module, chose maven -> update project, then
said to update all projects.  This ran and I'm still seeing errors in most of my projects
(everything except ctakes, ctakes-distribution, and ctakes-utils).

In looking at ctakes-type-system, the error I'm getting is:

Multiple annotations found at this line:
	- maven-remote-resources-plugin (goal "process") is ignored by m2e.
	- Execution default of goal org.cleartk:jcasgen-maven-plugin:0.9.3:generate failed: Plugin

	 org.cleartk:jcasgen-maven-plugin:0.9.3 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved:
Failed to collect 
	 dependencies for org.cleartk:jcasgen-maven-plugin:jar:0.9.3 () (org.cleartk:jcasgen-maven-plugin:

So it seems there are two problems.  I'll start with the second one (which seems more important):
the jcasgen-maven-plugin isn't getting installed.  

The other problem (first in the list) is that the "maven-remote-resources-plugin" is ingored
my m2e.

Am I missing some steps here to install the jcasgen-maven-plugin?  I thought it would automatically
pull that from the maven central repo.


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