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From "Coarr, Matt" <>
Subject latest build instructions
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 20:22:31 GMT
[I already read the thread "Update cTAKES Building and Running page?" that
Pei started 2012-10-10T16:56.]

iWhat are the latest build instructions for command-line and for eclipse?

I have some changes to commit and need to get my system building from the
latest apache svn code.

I'm catching up on the recent emails about building, maven, command-line,
eclipse, and target users.  Lots of discussions going on!

I already have a working copy checked out from svn.  And I've seen (the
yet-to-be-completed) instructions here:
(I'd be happy to update this with a quick set of instructions once I go
through the process.)

I'm assuming it's something along the lines of:

 * for command-line
    - checkout from svn
    - run "mvn compile"/"mvn test"/"mvn package"
      (I've been using maven for 8+ years and I've always run "mvn
install", but I've been listening to Steve's advice and I'll switch to
these commands :-)
 * for eclipse
    - checkout from svn
    - make sure you have m2e installed
    - import the projects into eclipse
    - ...trying to figure out what I should be doing here҆
      Do I just let it build automatically?  (In the past I've always done
right click on project -> choose "run as..." -> "mvn install" but now I
know that this is evil.)


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