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From "Chen, Pei" <>
Subject RE: SVN source structure for Apache cTAKES?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 15:18:35 GMT
My apologies as we tried to be transparent as we can in the original project proposal:
- There are currently over 50 contributors/developers actively contributing to cTAKES spread
across over 8 sites (Mayo, BCH, Colorado University, Pittsburgh, UCSD, MITRE, etc.).
- We have already communicated to developers as well as known users about the move to Apache
as soon as we could.  They have also been invited to the various ctakes-dev@ mailing lists
as soon as they were created (which seems to be a first logical step in also becoming contributors/committers).

If there is anything we could have clarified, please let us know. We are grateful to have
such active mentors help us out here and feel free to ask us any questions regarding cTAKES
itself (as we may not even know enough about the Apache way to ask the right questions :)
).  I'm all for being open and transparent as much as we could.

Regarding the 2.6 release: 
If it is okay with the group, I would strongly suggest to keep 2.6 as planned (in SF)  for
now.  There were communication and expectations that went out already for it to be completed
by next week. The code was already done and frozen some time ago, documentation/links was
also already done some time ago as well (so there is really no duplication of effort here).

Note: There is a window over the next 2-3 months where there are no expected/scheduled changes
the current code base which we could take advantage of.  All of the developers are aware of
the migration; so we can make a clean cut from SourceForge in the code and therefore we can
also have a coordinated effort amongst all of the developers.  I am confident that we will
have many more release (probably fair frequent initially) while we are in incubation, but
I think the Apache way is still a learning process for us,  let alone 50 other developers.
 I'll be more than happy to create a mirror/snapshot of what's currently in SF and we'll begin
the process.


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From: Jörn Kottmann [] 
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 5:25 AM
Subject: Re: SVN source structure for Apache cTAKES?

On 07/21/2012 06:03 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:
> I'm not saying that 2.6 CAN'T go out at -- I'm simply 
> encouraging the Apache cTAKES committers (who also seem to be wearing 
> the cTAKES hats as well) to consider making 2.6 here -- both 
> from a community perspective, but also from a provenance one, and also from a not duplicating
effort one, and finally from an Apache good will perspective.

I fully agree here with Chris, also the other things he said in the earlier mails.
I strongly recommend to do the 2.6 release here, in the end of the day you have to migrate
everything over to Apache anyway, why not do it now?

Are there good reasons why 2.6 cannot wait a bit until it is released?

You will need to do releases as part of your graduation from the Incubator, it would be great
if you can count 2.6 as one of these.
Depending on how often you plan to release that might safe your a few month of graduation


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