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From Rahul <>
Subject Re: New module to share user functions
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 04:26:05 GMT
I have named it crunch-bytes, but I like crunch-bars as well. J
Pool in your suggestions.


On 26-09-2012 21:36, Matthias Friedrich wrote:
> OK, then let's do it! As soon as we've agreed on a name, of course :)
> Regards,
>    Matthias
> On Wednesday, 2012-09-26, Rahul wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I believe every project has a bunch of interesting users which can
>> provide additional food for thought to others. Hadoop provides lots
>> of random opportunities to people and the same should be possible
>> with crunch. I would be delighted to see what people are able to
>> pull off using the existing things. These contributions should be
>> kept in crunch as we are pretty young and at times we will go under
>> various refactorings, keeping them in crunch will keep them up-to
>> date.
>> And yes, +1 to the idea of keeping dependencies to crunch-core only.
>> regards,
>> rahul
>> On 26-09-2012 04:32, Josh Wills wrote:
>>> I like the idea of having a place in the project that showcases the
>>> cool things that you can do with it-- something more advanced and
>>> broadly applicable than the starter pipelines we have in
>>> crunch-examples, the kind of stuff that you can't easy do using tools
>>> like Hive and Pig.
>>> I also agree that we don't want to get into dependency creep, so I'd
>>> be inclined to limit crunch-bytes (crunch-berries? crunch-bars?
>>> crunch-abs?) to just those dependencies that are also in crunch-core.
>>> I think the Bloom Filter stuff meets this criteria.
>>> The project is still young enough that our problem is much more likely
>>> to be attracting new folks than it is to be getting overwhelmed with
>>> random contributions, so my inclination is to be welcoming.
>>> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 11:29 AM, Matthias Friedrich <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Rahul,
>>>> I think it would be really great to have an ecosystem of
>>>> micro-libraries around Crunch for all kinds of cool stuff that is
>>>> relevant for smaller audiences, just like your Bloom filters.
>>>> But since I expect most of this stuff to be so extremely special, it
>>>> would in my opinion make more sense to put this into small, focused
>>>> and independent projects that can be released separately from each
>>>> other and don't need to go through Crunch's review process. It would
>>>> make dependency management easier for users, too, in case a library
>>>> needs additional dependencies.
>>>> We could maintain a registry of these projects on Crunch's homepage
>>>> so people can find them easily (I expect most of them would end up
>>>> at GitHub because it's perfect for this kind of thing). If a project
>>>> turns out to be interesting for a larger audience, we can still add it
>>>> to Crunch core.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>    Matthias
>>>> On Tuesday, 2012-09-25, Rahul wrote:
>>>>> There can be interesting use-cases like BloomFilters which do not
>>>>> have a place in the current set of Crunch modules. These functions
>>>>> are kind of utility functions that can be used in Crunch. We need to
>>>>> create a place where users can share such functions. In the earlier
>>>>> discussion for BloomFilters we thought of some thing that is well
>>>>> along the lines of PiggyBank. I had a look at the module but in
>>>>> Pig's structure the module is branched under contrib module as there
>>>>> are other modules like peeny for monitering and zebra for storage.
>>>>> I have created a module name *crunch-bytes* , for issue
>>>>>, which is direct
>>>>> sub-module in crunch-parent. I named it so because I felt it will
>>>>> providing a space to have all those interesting data computations
>>>>> that we can not have in core.
>>>>> Please share your thoughts for the same.
>>>>> regards,
>>>>> rahul

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