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From Rahul <>
Subject New module to share user functions
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 04:11:35 GMT
Hi Folks,

There can be interesting use-cases like BloomFilters which do not have a 
place in the current set of Crunch modules. These functions are kind of 
utility functions that can be used in Crunch. We need to create a place 
where users can share such functions. In the earlier discussion for 
BloomFilters we thought of some thing that is well along the lines of 
PiggyBank. I had a look at the module but in Pig's structure the module 
is branched under contrib module as there are other modules like peeny 
for monitering and zebra for storage.

I have created a module name *crunch-bytes* , for issue, which is direct 
sub-module in crunch-parent. I named it so because I felt it will 
providing a space to have all those interesting data computations that 
we can not have in core.

Please share your thoughts for the same.


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