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From Rahul <>
Subject Re: Customized Sorting
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 06:19:28 GMT
Ahh!! I think it wasn't as crisp, JoshJ.

What I mean to say that Sort API enforces natural ordering which was 
insufficient in this case. So I took different ways to solve the 
problem. Both the solutions gave expected results.

In the first solution, I grouped the results a couple of times and the 
sorted them in the ParallelDo method of a PCollection using a 
comparator. I wasn't able to use any of the Sorting features available 
in Crunch.

In the second solution I think  sorting of keys gets invokedJ (I am 
still not sure, but if I look code then it looks like this). But for 
doing this I have to implement a bunch of things.
The NameCompararable class used here implemented WritableComparable, 
which provided compareTo method for sorting. It wasn't binary comparison 
as in Text class.

The second solution looked more appealing to me than the first one, 
where I shuffled data a couple of times. But I had to implement a bunch 
of things to make it work all of which is a copy paste from Crunch 
existing code. I was thinking if I could pass a /Comparator/ in the 
Crunch Sort API that can solve the problemJ that could be a better way 
of solving this issue.

Also from a  performance standpoint, what do you think which one would 
perform better ?

Actually I am from data quality business and we have applications that 
process people and company identities. I was thinking of using TupleN 
and sorting them in different manners. Then I implemented a simple 
use-case over it.   Attached is my test case having both solutions

On 18-07-2012 18:21, Josh Wills wrote:
> Hey Rahul,
> I don't quite follow-- why did the Sort API work in the second case, but
> not the first?, the underlying Writable type for
> Strings, is also WritableComparable. Did NamesComparable do something that
> Text does not?
> J
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 3:28 AM, Rahul <> wrote:
>> I am trying to  sort some data. The data had names and I was try to sort
>> in the following manner.
>> /Rahul                                               shekhar/
>> /rahul                                                Sameer/
>> /RAHUL              =====                     rahul/
>> /shekar               =====                     Rahul/
>> /hans                                                 RAHul/
>> /kasper                                              kasper/
>> /Sameer                                             hans/
>> /
>> /
>> This was a bit customized Sorting where I wanted to first sort them in
>> lexicographic manner and then maybe take capitalization also into
>> consideration.
>> Initially I was trying with the Sort API but was unsuccessful with that.
>> But then I tried in a couple of ways as explained below :
>> In the first solution, I outputted each of the names them against their
>> starting character in a /Ptable/. Then collected all the values for a
>> particular key.
>> After that I selected all the values and then used a /Comparator /to sort
>> data in each of the collection.
>>   /PTable<String, String> classifiedData = count.parallelDo( new
>> NamesClassification(),**Writables.tableOf(Writables.**
>> strings(),Writables.strings())**);
>>   PTable<String, Collection<String> collectedValues =
>> classifiedData.collectValues()**;
>>   PCollection<Collection<String> names = collectedValues.values();
>>   PCollection<Collection<String>**> sortedNames = names.parallelDo("names
>> Sorting",new NamesSorting(), Writables.collections(**
>> Writables.strings()));/
>> Not completely convinced with the path I took. I spend some time of
>> solving it and found another way of doing same.
>> In the second solution, I created my own writable type that implemented
>> WritableComparable. Also implemented all the mapping functions for the
>> same, so that it can be used with crunch WritableTypes.
>> /class NamesComparable implements WritableComparable<**NamesComparable>{
>> ......}
>> MapFn<String,//**NamesComparable//> string_to_names =.........
>> MapFn<//NamesComparable,**String//> names_to_string =........./
>> /
>> /
>> Then  I used this while converting the read data into it and then sorting
>> it.
>>      PCollection<String> readLines = pipeline.readTextFile(fileLoc)**;
>>      PCollection<String> lines = readLines.parallelDo(new DoFn<String,
>> String>() {
>>        @Override
>>       public void process(String input, Emitter<String> emitter) {
>> emitter.emit(input);}},
>>       *stringToNames*());
>>      PCollection<String> sortedData = Sort.sort(lines, Order.DESCENDING);
>> I found of these methods as quite tricky that give a feeling of going
>> around a bush. Is there a better way of accomplishing the same ? Have I
>> missed some aspects ?
>> If not, then  I believe there is scope of having an Sorting API that can
>> have support of some customizations.
>> regards
>> Rahul

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