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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Checkstyle config
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2012 09:31:22 GMT

some of you mentioned that you're interested in using Checkstyle
for Crunch. I realize that people making style proposals aren't the
most popular bunch, but I'll give it a try anyway ;-)

I took a first stab at a checkstyle configuration [1] that can serve
as a basis for discussion. It's mostly the default config for Eclipse
tweaked to fit Crunch's existing code base. Basically, I changed the
following things:

  * Only require Javadoc for types (classes/interfaces/enums), but
    eventually the entire pusblished API should be documented
  * Indent by 2 spaces instead of 4 (Indentation)
  * Set line limit from 80 to 120 characters (LineLength)
  * Don't allow tabs (FileTabCharacter)
  * Disabled DesignForExtension (we should really have this though)
  * Parameters may shadow fields (HiddenField)
  * Parameters don't need to be final (FinalParameters)
  * Allow magic numbers, otherwise it's too annoying (MagicNumers)

I've created a sample report [2] to give you a first impression.
Checkstyle flags 900 warnings for 20000 LoC which is a pretty good
value for a project that hasn't used Checkstyle during development.
A relatively large number of warnings is caused by a small number of
files (mostly code indented by 4 instead of 2 spaces), so there are
lots of quick wins.

The 2-space indenting my prove to be difficult; I haven't been able to
suppress some warnings concerning line wrapping ("ctor def throws at
indentation ..."). But perhaps I've overlooked something.

What do you think? Should we continue working on this?



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