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Message listThread · Author · Date git commit: CRUNCH-120: Add support for secondary sorts to the in-memory implementation Mon, 03 Dec, 17:14 git commit: CRUNCH-122: Reduce visibility of impl classes. Mon, 03 Dec, 18:15 git commit: CRUNCH-119: Refactor the ReaderFactory classes for text and sequence files, and add in the NLine and TextFileTable sources Mon, 03 Dec, 19:50 git commit: CRUNCH-123: Add support for Deletes to crunch-hbase. Contributed by Micah Whitacre. Wed, 05 Dec, 00:40 [3/3] git commit: CRUNCH-124: Document From/At/To factory methods and add additional convenience methods. Fri, 07 Dec, 19:51 [1/3] git commit: CRUNCH-124: Additional javadoc details and fix a few generics warnings Fri, 07 Dec, 19:51 [2/3] git commit: CRUNCH-124: Add a TableSourceTarget interface and use it to abstract away the specific impls in the At factory methods Fri, 07 Dec, 19:51 git commit: Add more memory for integration tests. Sun, 09 Dec, 09:42 git commit: Use a smaller and simpler input for the NLineInputIT Mon, 10 Dec, 15:42 git commit: CRUNCH-126: Add support for multiple input HBase tables. Tue, 11 Dec, 17:00 git commit: CRUNCH-131: Use globStatus in SourceTargetHelper so that wildcard patterns work properly with Crunch. Contributed by Dave Beech. Thu, 13 Dec, 19:16 git commit: CRUNCH-97: Add support for parsing structured records out of text files to crunch-contrib. Thu, 13 Dec, 19:20 svn commit: r1421632 - in /incubator/crunch/site/trunk/content/crunch: download.mdtext future-work.mdtext getting-started.mdtext index.mdtext intro.mdtext mailing-lists.mdtext pipelines.mdtext scrunch.mdtext source-repository.mdtext Fri, 14 Dec, 01:27 svn commit: r842237 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ crunch/ Fri, 14 Dec, 01:28 svn commit: r1421979 - in /incubator/crunch/site/trunk/content/crunch: index.mdtext intro.mdtext pipelines.mdtext Fri, 14 Dec, 17:14 svn commit: r842355 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ crunch/index.html crunch/intro.html crunch/pipelines.html Fri, 14 Dec, 17:15 svn commit: r1421996 - /incubator/crunch/site/trunk/content/crunch/index.mdtext Fri, 14 Dec, 17:49 svn commit: r842357 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ crunch/index.html Fri, 14 Dec, 17:50 svn commit: r1422001 - /incubator/crunch/site/trunk/content/crunch/index.mdtext Fri, 14 Dec, 17:54 svn commit: r842359 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ crunch/index.html Fri, 14 Dec, 17:54 svn commit: r842368 - /websites/production/crunch/content/ Fri, 14 Dec, 18:02 svn commit: r1422019 - /incubator/crunch/site/trunk/content/crunch/index.mdtext Fri, 14 Dec, 18:13 svn commit: r842377 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ crunch/index.html Fri, 14 Dec, 18:13 svn commit: r842378 - /websites/production/crunch/content/ Fri, 14 Dec, 18:14 git commit: CRUNCH-134: Move CrunchRuntimeException to org.apache.crunch Tue, 18 Dec, 19:43 git commit: CRUNCH-135: Remove sample and sort from PCollection interface Tue, 18 Dec, 19:47 git commit: CRUNCH-136: Two one line fixes: FileSourceImpl is not abstract, and WritableType's constructor is public. Tue, 18 Dec, 19:51 git commit: Remove stack trace from extractor error log output Wed, 19 Dec, 05:30 git commit: CRUNCH-125: Maintain backward compatibility with older versions of KeyValueTextInputFormat Wed, 19 Dec, 20:36 git commit: CRUNCH-137: Remove getConfiguration() reference from ThriftInputMapFn Thu, 20 Dec, 19:07 git commit: CRUNCH-110: Add license for Project Gutenberg. Sat, 22 Dec, 16:14
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