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From Cameron Jacobson <>
Subject Re: limit view access
Date Sun, 25 May 2014 19:39:44 GMT
I created a simple proof of concept in Go that does what I think you're
after.  I was looking for feedback on this list a little while back but
it was around the time the list servers were down so I imagine the
message got lost in the shuffle.  Primarily I was looking for
information about (a) interest (b) feasibility (c) gotchas / security
issues to be aware of.

The only difference is the code here is a whitelist.  It should be
relatively straightforward to convert it into a blacklist though.  The
code is rough and unpolished, and not commented so apologies for that as

There are of course other alternatives, but my feeling is for what I'm
trying to do, it's a little overkill to install a full featured proxy
server that in some smaller deployments will simply sit on the same
server as the CouchDB server.  And that has alot of features I'm not
going to be using and can at times be a pain (ie. overhead) to try to
administer or configure correctly.

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