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From Manobi <>
Subject Re: Bulk deletes and disk size
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2014 14:49:34 GMT
Thanks Robert,

I understand what you are saying, but now I'm sure that no additional field is being preserved
from my side.
Before delete I'm querying docs to delete and the view just return the _id and _rev necessary
to perform my the update.

The unique explainable reason for this impressive disk size, is that the cradle library is
doing a document merge instead of a replace in the save method.

I'll keep investigating and appreciate your help.

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> On 08/03/2014, at 06:35, Robert Samuel Newson <> wrote:
> Gabriel,
> In that example you’re making the right change. but if those objects in the docs array
had more properties they would be preserved (forever).
> "I though that compactation process would remove the body from the document
> marked with "_deleted"." - This is not true.
> Deleting docs via _bulk_docs can be exactly the same as deleting via -X DELETE but only
if you only preserve the three fields you need, _id, _rev and _deleted.
> I forked your gist to illustrate:
> Here I map any document to a doc with the minimal state necessary to delete the document.
The difference is clear, I hope.
> B.
>> On 8 Mar 2014, at 04:13, Gabriel de Oliveira Barbosa <>
>> Thanks Jens, but I think I'm already doing this.
>> Please check my gist which shows my logic:
>> Do you think the problem is with the method used to update de docs using
>> Couchdb Bulk API?

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